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How to migrate from Nest to Google Account and 4 reasons you should

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Good news for the Nest users, who can now migrate from Nest to Google account. Earlier, in May, Google Home and Nest came together and created Google Nest with the objective of making not only a smart home but a helpful one too.

How can Nest users migrate to Google Account? 

The users will receive an email notification from Nest, in case they want to migrate. But if the users want to migrate immediately, they can select the Sign in with Google option on their updated Nest app.

For users who are already using Google Account to sign in to Google Home, they just have to select that account when migrating from Nest Account. How to migrate from Nest to Google Account and 4 reasons you shouldFirst time Nest users can use their Google Account to sign in on Nest app.

Furthermore, users can also enable Alexa integration with Nest devices like Nest Thermostat or Nest Cam. This will work when users sign in here with Google Account.

However, a word of caution for those using Works with Nest; don’t migrate until you receive an email invitation or else your Works with Nest integration will stop functioning and can’t be retrieved back.

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Benefits of migrating

Nest users who migrate to Google Account will get the following benefits:

  • You will get added security protections like 2-step verification, suspicious activity detection and security checkup.
  • You will see better sync between Google Nest devices (eg. Nest Cam) and services (Chromecast). According to Google, “If you have a Nest Cam and a Chromecast, just say, ‘Hey Google, show me the backyard camera’ to cast your camera stream to your TV without any additional setup.”
  •  A single account can be used to sign in to both Google Home apps as well as Nest.
  • Google Home apps and Nest will align with your homes and home members.

Make sure that your Nest app on Android or iOS is up to date before you begin the migration.

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