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How to open your AirTag?

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Apple’s AirTag is a small device that helps you to keep track of your valuable belongings. It is so small that you can attach it to your keys, or place it in your wallet if you are going outside. Inside the home, forgetful people can attach the device to their remotes and other items.

AirTag’s tracking is impeccable, and hence, it is liked by millions worldwide. But do you know what to do once the AirTag’s battery runs out? You will have to open the AirTag and gently remove the battery.

Before continuing further, let us first understand the design of AirTag. Apple has kept in mind user accessibility while designing the AirTag. The device has a compact design and it houses a CR2032 battery at the rear. One thing that you should remember is that AirTag’s battery is not rechargeable. If the battery is dead, you will need to replace it ASAP.

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In this article, we’ll explain how to open your AirTag easily.

Opening your AirTag

You won’t need any other tools to open your AirTag, only your hands. Follow the steps given below to open your AirTag:

  • Position your AirTag: It is important to know the position of your AirTag if you want to open it. Position your AirTag with the white side facing downward and the stainless steel battery cover facing upward.
  • Press and Twist: Gently press the stainless steel cover of the AirTag and rotate it anticlockwise/counterclockwise. You will have to rotate the cover till it stops moving.
  • Remove the cover: Gently lift it off once it has stopped rotating.

To replace the battery, just remove the old CR2032 battery and insert a new one in its place. After that, press the stainless steel cover gently to close the AirTag.

Thus, opening your AirTag is a simple process you can do at home without any specialized tools. Following these steps, you can ensure your AirTag remains functional and ready to help you locate your items whenever needed. Remember to handle the battery safely and dispose of the old one properly.

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