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How to open snaps on Snapchat Web?

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Snapchat, originally known for its mobile-only platform, has expanded its reach to include a web version, offering more flexibility for its users. Whether you’re at your desk and can’t reach your phone, or you simply prefer the larger screen of your laptop or desktop, Snapchat Web allows you to stay connected and enjoy it without missing a beat.

This article discusses whether can you open snaps on Snapchat Web and other ways to interact with snaps on Snapchat Web. You can watch the video below or continue reading the article.

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Can you open snaps on Snapchat Web?

While Snapchat Web lets you chat with friends and even send Snaps, you can’t actually view Snaps you receive through the web app. This is a deliberate design choice by Snapchat, likely for privacy reasons. Snaps are meant to be ephemeral, disappearing after they’re viewed, and the web platform wouldn’t be able to guarantee that level of impermanence.

Another issue is the screenshots. Since screenshots can’t be detected on web browsers like they can on phones, allowing Snap viewing on the web would defeat the ephemeral nature of Snaps.

Other ways to interact with snaps on Snapchat Web

However, there are still ways to interact with Snaps on Snapchat Web:

  • See snap notifications: You’ll see a notification on Snapchat Web when you receive a Snap.
  • Respond to chats: While you can’t view the Snap itself, you can respond to any text chat accompanying the Snap.
  • Send snaps via webcam: Snapchat Web allows you to capture Snaps using your computer’s webcam and send them to your friends.

If you want to view Snaps, you’ll need to use the Snapchat mobile app. There is no official way to access Snaps on the web version.

While opening Snaps on Snapchat Web isn’t possible, the platform offers a way to stay connected with friends through chat and sending Snaps captured on your computer.

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