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How to request money on PhonePe?

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Digital payments have changed the economic strata around the globe. Phonepe, the first UPI payment-based application launched in India, has changed the way people send or receive money nowadays. People use Phonepe to send and receive money, recharge mobile phones, DTH, data cards, bill payments, trade, do online shopping, and purchase insurance.

Apart from the everyday transactions, you can now directly request money from the payer without much hassle. You can send them a request asking for money or a message on the chat.

If you’re still using the older version of Phonepe, you can request money from the beneficiary by providing their UPI Id or bank details. However, the latest version of Phonepe has discontinued this feature due to various fraudulent cases observed in the past. You can now only send requests for money or bill splits using the Phonepe chat feature.

Here’s how you can request money on Phonepe from your beneficiaries in a few quick steps. Dive in to know more about it.

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Requesting money on Phonepe

As mentioned already, using the latest version of Phonepe, you can only request money from your contacts on chat by sending a message. Also, you can send out reminders for payments, due bills, or split requests through chat messages.

But if you’ve not yet switched to the latest version of Phonepe, you can follow the given steps to send out requests for money.

  • Open the Phonepe app and click on the To Bank/ UPI ID option.
  • On the next screen, choose the option on the right – UPI ID.
  • Click the Add UPI Id + icon to add the beneficiary’s UPI Id.
  • On the Add UPI ID screen, enter the UPI ID of the beneficiary in the Beneficiary UPI ID field and then click on Verify button.
  • The beneficiary’s name will display below the field after their UPI id is verified successfully; click on the Save button to save this id.
  • You will see two options: Send or Request the money from the beneficiary.

You can add the beneficiary’s UPI ID irrespective of their banking application.

After you’ve sent the request, the beneficiary will receive a notification on his phone for the requested amount. When they approve the request or send the payment to you, it credits into your account.

If you’re requesting money through a message in Phonepe app’s latest version, type the amount and add space before sending the message. You should never enter your UPI PIN while requesting for money.

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