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How to see how many friends you have on Snapchat?

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Snapchat is a rather popular messaging app that’s used by millions across the globe. The app owes its popularity to privacy first features such as disappearing messages and notifications every time someone takes a screenshot or saves a message. 

However, the app follows suit when it comes to adding friends. Much like popular apps like Instagram and Facebook, you have to request a friend to add you. With more and more people using Snapchat, it can be very easy to lose track of how many friends you add.

Now Snapchat also allows users to share their location publically on the Snap Map. All your friends will be able to see your location unless you specify otherwise. But if you’ve lost track of how many friends you have, it can be confusing to guess how many people can see your location.

In this article, we’re looking at how you can check how many people you’re friends with on Snapchat.

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Checking Snapchat friends

There’s no said counter in Snapchat that can show you the number of friends you have. However, we’ve got a small trick you can use to check how many friends you have using the Snap Map.

How to see how many friends you have on Snapchat?
  • Open Snapchat and tap on your profile avatar in the top left.
  • Scroll down and tap on location settings.
  • Make sure that the Ghost mode slider is disabled. 
  • Under Who Can See My Location, tap Only These Friends…
  • Scroll down to where the friends begin and tap Select All.
  • Tap Save. 

You’ll now be able to see the number of friends you have under Only These Friends…

Note that you can have as many as 5000 Snapchat friends, which is double the previous 2500 friend limit. 

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