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How to skip on Omegle?

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Omegle is a popular video calling platform that matches you with random strangers looking to have a conversation. The platform is available worldwide and can be accessed on just about any device.

There’s no registration or logging in required. All the user has to do is log on to the website, and they can immediately start talking to anyone online on Omegle at the same time. 

In this article, we’re taking a look at how you can skip conversations on Omegle.

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Skipping Omegle on PC or Mac

If you’re using the Omegle site on PC or Mac, once you’re in the lobby, all you have to do is click the Stop button that appears in the bottom left. The button will turn into a Really? button for confirmation. You can click the button again to move on to the next person. 

How to skip on Omegle?

You can also get the same functionality using the Esc key on your keyboard. Once again, you’re going to have to press the key twice, once to indicate you want to skip and once to confirm. After this, Omegle will automatically start looking for another match. If it doesn’t, you can click the New button in the bottom left or press the Esc key again. 

Skipping Omegle on Smartphones

Skipping Omegle chats on Android is quite simple on PC, basically because there’s no Omegle app for Android or iOS. You open the site in a browser on your phone, meaning you’re going to have to tap the Stop button twice to skip a conversation. 

How to skip on Omegle?

As mentioned above, once you skip a conversation, Omegle will start looking for another chat. If it doesn’t automatically, tap the New button in place of the Stop button, and you’re good to go. 

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