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What is ‘provisioning message’ by CP Client in Nokia phones and how to stop it?

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How to stop Provisioning Message by CP Client in Nokia smartphone?

Have you been lately bombarded with ‘Provisioning Messages’ from CP Client in the notification tray of your Nokia smartphone? Even if you swipe it off the notification tray, it returns in a few minutes. If you tap on it, nothing happens.

Provisioning Messages by CP Client isn’t a virus but a system notification — often an SMS containing several settings for the phone that are often carrier-related like settings for MMS and internet.

Since the Provisioning Message in Nokia phones seems to be unresponsive and spammy, it’s better to disable it altogether. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to stop the provisioning message by CP client on your Nokia smartphone.

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How to disable Provisioning Message by CP Client in Nokia smartphone?

Method 1

Follow the steps mentioned below to disable Provisioning Message by CP Client in your Nokia smartphone. If you see similar notifications in any other device, you can try the following steps too.

  • Open Settings of your smartphone
  • Search and tap on Apps & notifications
  • In the next window, search for ‘See all apps’ and tap on it
  • Now find and tap the ‘three-dot’ menu on the right corner of the display and then select Show system

  • Now you’ll find scores of new system apps added to the list. Scroll down to find CP Client
  • Tapping on it will open a new window with settings for CP Client. Tap on Force Stop button

This process will stop the provisioning messages from appearing in the notification tray of your smartphone.

Method 2

However, as mentioned earlier in the article, CP Client often carries carrier-related system notifications. So, if the method mentioned above doesn’t work for you, alternatively, you can also go to the app of your carrier service in the Apps & notifications section (For example, it’s called Vodafone Services in our case) and then stop its notification (as shown in the screenshot below).

  • Open Settings of your smartphone
  • Search and tap on Apps & notifications
  • In the next window, search for ‘See all apps’ and tap on it
  • Scroll down and tap on Vodafone Services (or the name of your respective service).
  • Then tap on Notifications
  • Then tap on the toggle button beside Show notifications so that it displays in dull grey colour (as shown in the screenshot above).

If either of the two methods as mentioned earlier doesn’t stop the Provisioning Messages from CP Client for you, talk to your telecom operator.

Note: It has been several months since we applied this fix in our Nokia smartphone and so far everything is smooth sailing. But this might cause some hindrance in the functioning of your smartphone in the future. If you face any issues after following this process, kindly comment below.

Workaround to stop CP Client notifications from bothering you

If the two methods to stop provisioning messages from CP Client doesn’t work for you and your telecom service provider is of no help either, there is also an option to customise the notifications as a temporary workaround. Follow the steps below to stop CP Client notifications from annoying you.

  • On the CP Client app window settings, tap on Notifications.
  • Then tap on General notifications.
  • Then tap on Behaviour
  • From the pop-up window, tap on Show silently and minimise.

This won’t stop CP Client notifications but will prevent them from bothering you.

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  • Roxana Oanca says:

    Nothing happens when I press the Force Stop button.

    • Kumar Hemant says:

      Hello Roxana,
      Try restarting your phone after the ‘Force Stop’. If the problem persists, let us know. Hope this works for you.

    • Johnhakuna says:

      Hi Roxana,
      I suddenly started facing the same as your’s. Followed above procedure to fix it. However, the message reappears even after restart. Did you had fix ? if so, appreciate if you could share the solution. Thanks in adv.

  • George says:

    Firstly it stops, after restarting, than appeared again after restart. I did it again with suggested solution, for now is OK, but we’ll see when I restart it again, will it appear.

  • beasty says:

    Unfortunately, this is only a temporary solution. Over time, the message will come back even if you do not turn off the device.

  • Guido says:

    I kept monitoring this issue for a while. Sorry, does not work for me ( Nokia 8, Android 9). Force Stop button has no effect. EVERY DAY, more than 300 CP client messages, draining my CPU, taking minutes only to delete this BS. Hey guys at Nokia, sleeping or what? This does not make any sense.

    • Kumar Hemant says:

      Hey Guido,

      Thank you for commenting with your concern. Soon after your comment we updated the article with another trick that helped us stop the Provisioning Message notifications from CP Client on our Nokia device. Hoping it helps you too.

  • Edie Billy says:

    Your method worked how ever my WhatsApp, zoom and botim where disabled. I uninstalled them. But when I installed new ones they refused to display on the screen. What can I do?

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