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What is ‘provisioning message’ by CP Client in Nokia phones and how to stop it?

Have you been lately bombarded with ‘Provisioning Messages’ from CP Client in the notification tray of your Nokia smartphone? Even if you swipe it off the notification tray, it returns in a few minutes. If you tap on it, nothing happens.

Provisioning Messages by CP Client isn’t a virus but a system notification — often an SMS containing several settings for the phone that are often carrier related like settings for MMS and internet.

Since the Provisioning Message in Nokia phones seems to be unresponsive and spammy, it’s better to disable it completely. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to stop the provisioning message by CP client on your Nokia smartphone.

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How to disable Provisioning Message by CP Client in Nokia smartphone

Follow the steps mentioned below to disable Provisioning Message by CP Client in your Nokia smartphone. If you’re seeing similar notifications in any other device, you can try the following steps too.

  • Open Settings of your smartphone
  • Search and tap on Apps & notifications
  • In the next window, search for ‘See all apps’ and tap on it
  • Now find and tap the ‘three-dot’ menu on the right corner of the display and then select Show system

How to stop Provisioning Message by CP Client in Nokia smartphone

  • Now you’ll find scores of new system apps added to the list. Scroll down to find CP Client
  • Tapping on it will open a new window with settings for CP Client. Tap on Force Stop button

How to stop Provisioning Message by CP Client in Nokia smartphoneThis process will stop the provisioning messages from appearing in the notification tray of your smartphone.

Note: It has been two weeks since we applied this fix in our Nokia smartphone and so far everything is smooth sailing. But this might cause some hindrance in the functioning of your smartphone in the future. If you face any issues after following this process, kindly comment below.

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