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How to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram?

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Just like it’s true in your social life outside the virtual confines, there are chances that someone has blocked you on Instagram or it’s also possible that the user might have disabled his/her account or deleted it to take a break from Instagram. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t notify you whenever someone blocks you. But still, everyone’s curious about knowing if someone has blocked them. How to know if someone has blocked me on Instagram? I’ve been asked this by my friends several times and here I explain six ways to find out just that.

Find people through search

This is the simplest way to know if someone has blocked you. You can directly search for their name from the Instagram search tab. There are three possibilities

  • If it is a public profile and you can see the profile and the posts, then you aren’t blocked. In case of private accounts, if you see the profile and the message ‘This Account is Private,’ then too, you aren’t blocked.
  • In case you can see the profile and the post count but unable to see the posts, then you have been blocked.
  • In case the profile doesn’t appear in search, then there is a possibility either the person has deactivated their profile, or they blocked you.

Check the profile

Instagram doesn’t delete old comments or tags of the people who have blocked you. If you aren’t able to access the profile through search, you can navigate through these old comments to visit their profile. If you can see the profile and the post count but not the posts, you have been blocked.

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Use the Instagram link

You can go to any Instagram profile by the link ‘’. If you know the username of the person who might have blocked you, type in their username in the link and open it in any browser. If you get the error ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available’ while you are logged in via your Instagram account, the person might have blocked you. To confirm it, open the same link in incognito mode and if you can see the profile, you have been blocked.

Direct Messages disappeared

When someone blocks an account, DMs from both the ends disappear. If your DMs with that person has disappeared, check the common groups. If their profile is visible in the group but not elsewhere on Instagram, you are blocked.

Try following again

If you can see the profile, click on the ‘Follow’ button again. If you can follow them back, everything’s alright. Else, you have been blocked.

Try using a different account

If the profile is visible in your friend’s account and not in your account, it is clear that they have blocked you. The most you can do is follow the person using a different account.

We hope you were able to find out what you needed. There is also a possibility that you’ve only been removed by that person from their follower’s list and not completely blocked you. The same way, as mentioned above in the article, it’s also possible they might’ve deactivated or deleted their account. So it is adviced to cross-verify before balming someone.

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