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How to use Google Pixel Camera app on any phone

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It’s no secret that Google Pixel devices have the best smartphone camera. Google does some amazing post-processing in its stock camera app.

Although fitted with a single camera unit, Pixel devices capture amazing portrait mode pictures — arguably the best among smartphones. The low light performance has also been phenomenal on these devices.

The main reason for this? The amazing google camera app.

Sadly, the Google camera app is only available for Pixel devices. However, some developers over at XDA Forums have ported the google camera app as a standalone app, which can be installed on a large number of different android phones.

This port doesn’t require the phone to be rooted. It’s as simple as downloading an APK file and installing it.

You get portrait mode, night mode, Google lens and all the other shiny features that the Pixel cameras houses. Read on to find out how.

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How to install Google Camera (GCam) app on a non-Pixel device?

Step 1: Head over to XDA Forums.

You can get the Gcam APK here

How to use Google Pixel Camera app on any Android phone

Step 2: Download the GCam APK from the list of APKs given according to your phone model.

P.S If you can’t find your phone model in the link, try googling ‘Gcam APK “phone name”‘

How to use Google Pixel Camera app on any Android phone

Step 3: Install the downloaded APK, and you should get the Google Pixel camera along with all its features on your phone!

How to use Google Pixel Camera app on any Android phone
Google Pixel 3 Camera app on a Moto One Power

Please note that the port might not work on some devices. It might crash right away for some people. For some, perhaps some features might not work as expected or might not work at all.

You can submit your crash reports over at XDA Developers. The devs are pretty responsive, and bugs like these get fixed every other day.

It’s not perfect. It’s still a hit or miss, but for what it’s worth, the app can push your smartphone camera to its full potential. Start using it and difference in performance will speak for itself.

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