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HTC announces immersive Vive Flow glasses to “go with the flow”

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HTC has announced a new Vive headset called the Vive Flow. The new headset is a compact, lightweight, immersive glasses device that weighs only about 189 grams, has a 100-degree field of view and screens with a combined 3.2k resolution and 75Hz refresh rate. The Vive Flow will be available starting November. 

The headset or ‘glasses’ seems to be a crossover between a fully-fledged VR headset and smart glasses. Other companies like Google have given smart glasses a shot in the past, although with little success. However, with HTC’s expertise in the field, it’ll be interesting to see how this new product pans out.

The headset will retail for $499 and will be available for pre-orders starting October 14 globally with open sales beginning in November. Anyone pre-ordering the Flow will also receive a carry case and a gift bundle with seven free pieces of content. 

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VR headset or portable meditation center?

Unlike the other devices in HTC’s headset portfolio, the company is marketing this one as a relaxation device to meditate and have fun with rather than a serious VR headset. The Vive Flow has the following features for said functionality. 

  • Meditation 2.0 including apps like TRIPP and MyndVR. MyndVR’s original series A Road to Remember will also be available on the headset.
  • The ability to watch TV or movies.
  • Brain training apps to help excerise the mind.
  • A social experience using VIVE Sync.
The HTC Vive Flow | Source: HTC

The company is also launching a special Viveport subscription plan alongside the VIVE Flow priced at $5.99/month. This will give users access to several apps that cover categories like well-being, mind training, light gaming, productivity and other exclusive content designed to help relax the mind. 

As mentioned above, the headset weighs 189 grams and comes with two 1600 x 1600 screens giving users a combined resolution of 3.2k running at 75Hz. You get full 3D spatial audio as well. The headset can be powered by a power bank and can use your phone as a controller. You also get 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage with USB-C, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 as connectivity options. 

“With Vive Flow, HTC is taking technology in a new direction, focusing not on what we do, but on how we feel. It provides the perfect opportunity to escape our four walls and immerse ourselves in our ideal ambience,” said Cher Wang, Chairwoman and CEO of HTC, on Thursday.

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