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iBuypower vs Cyberpower: 4 talking points

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Building computers can be really fun but mostly only when you know what you’re doing. A small mistake like not properly aligning your processor can potentially cost you the entire thing, meaning a lot of people just prefer prebuilt PCs when buying one. 

There are a lot of companies that offer prebuilt PCs based on the exact configuration that you specify. In this article, we’re talking about iBuyPower and Cyberpower, two US-based companies that offer pre-built PCs as well as build custom PCs on demand. 

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Hardware options

Both sites are basically identical when it comes to the hardware options you get. You can spec out your PC with anything from the latest generation Intel or AMD processors. Cyberpower does however offer AMD’s Threadripper series as well giving it a slight edge. 

iBuypower vs Cyberpower: 4 talking points
Cyberpower doesn’t offer AMD Threadripper CPUs at the moment.

In terms of GPU availability, you get Nvidia’s RTX range, including the 30 series going all the way up to an RTX 3090 and AMD’s RX series on Cyberpower. iBuypower also offers almost the exact same options with the notable exception of a GT1030, which can be useful if you’re strapped for cash. 

SSD, HDD and memory options are also identical on both sites, so you won’t really feel a difference here. 

Pricing and availability

The cheapest PC on iBuypower will set you can $849 at the time of writing. Compare this to the $465 Syber C Core 100 that Cyberpower offers and you’ll see a clear difference.

iBuypower vs Cyberpower: 4 talking points
Cyberpower offers better PCs on the lower end of the price range.

It’s not the same story on the other side of the spectrum though. The most expensive PC on iBuypower is the RDY Element Hybrid Pro coming in at $3899 as compared to the $4849 Luxe 4k on Cyberpower. Both PCs offer similar performance, but Cyberpower’s offering does have a weaker processor which is countered with more storage and faster memory. 

Availability remains the same on both platforms. Most if not all of their builds are usually in stock and will be shipped to you well within a week of placing the order. 

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Customisation options

Both websites also offer custom PC building options but tackle them in a different manner. 

iBuypower vs Cyberpower: 4 talking points
Cyberpower’s EZPC tool will help you find your perfect PC.

Cyberpower has an online tool called EZPC which will ask you your budget and a few simple questions about what you want to do with your PC and will recommend you an existing PC from their lineup that best matches your requirements. 

iBuypower offers slightly more flexibility here. The site will either let you customise one of their existing PC builds with whatever components you want, or you can use their Easy PC Builder, select the games you’ll be playing, your budget and whether you prefer Intel or AMD and get your perfect PC in a minute.

Delivery and warranty

While Cyberpower only offers a warranty for a period of three years for labour and one year for parts, iBuypower has multiple warranty options starting from three and going all the way up to five for labour and one to three years of warranty on the parts. Of course, you’ll be paying extra for the four and five-year warranties, but it’s a good thing for a little bit more peace of mind. 

That said, both companies will only offer a warranty if you’re buying and operating the products in the USA, meaning it’s essentially useless for international customers. There are post-warranty repair and tech support services offered by both companies as well. 

iBuypower vs Cyberpower: 4 talking points
iBuypower shipping times will differ based on your configuration.

As for delivery, Cyberpower will take up to two weeks to ship your computer, citing a part shortage in the case of custom PCs. As for prebuilt systems, the PC will ship the same day with free two-day delivery for orders placed before 1 PM. 

iBuypower handles things differently, as the shipping time can vary based on your particular configuration. Provided everything you order is in stock, you can expect delivery within two days. Otherwise, iBuypower will show you an estimated shipping date on each of their builds. 

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