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Top 7 quietest keyboard switches

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Anyone who types a lot will tell you mechanical keyboards are the way to go if you spend too much time jumping around on a word piano. That said, mechanical keyboard switches also tend to clack a lot, especially if you have the clicky blue switches meaning using them in a public space like an office can be an issue for your coworkers. 

In this article, we’re bringing you the top seven quietest mechanical keyboard switches in case you prefer quieter switches or just don’t want to annoy people around you.

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Gateron Silent Red

Brand: Gateron | Price: $54 for 110 switches

If you’re looking for a good and reliable silent switch that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, Gateron’s silent lineup is a good starting point, especially the red switches. There are as many as five options available depending on the actuation force you want and whether you want your switch to be linear or tactile.

The Silent Red is a nice middle spot that offers a linear feel with an actuation force of around 50g. If you’re looking for a tactile option, the browns aren’t bad either. 

You can get Gateron Silent Red switches here

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Cherry MX Silent Red

Brand: Cherry MX | Price: $3.99 for 10 switches

Cherry MX has been making mechanical switches for a long time so it’s really not surprising that they’ve still got some of the best switches on the market. Out of the entire Cherry MX lineup, the silent red and black switches stand out the best. 

The red is the quieter of the two, but you do sacrifice the actuation feel as Cherry MX uses rubber dampening on the stem to keep the switch from producing sound. The reds are also easier to actuate, coming in at 45g bottom-out force as compared to the black’s 60g.

While you can find plenty of keyboards with these switches, buying the switches themselves however can be a bit of a problem. 

You can buy Cherry MX Silent Red switches here.

Matias Quiet Linear

Brand: Matias | Price: $50 for 200 switches 

If you’re looking for something else out of the mainstream switches that flood the market, Matias is also a good choice. The switches are rather cheap, coming in at around $.025 per switch, and have a 35g actuation force and a linear profile. The only problem is since the stem is different you might also have to get a set of keycaps for the switches. 

You can buy Matias Quiet Linear switches here

Kailh Box Silent Pink

Brand: Kailh | Price: $6 for 10 switches

Kailh switches are known for offering amazing performance for dirt cheap prices and the silent pink switches are no different. If you’re looking to build a custom silent keyboard from scratch, these switches are a great pick not only because of their affordable price tag, but also the relatively light actuation force at 35g and bottom out after 3.6mm making them great for gaming and typing alike. 

You can get Kailh Box Silent Pink switches here

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Durock Daybreak

Brand: Durock | Price: $12.35 for 18 switches

Durock’s Daybreak switches might seem like an expensive set of switches to lay out your keyboard with, and you wouldn’t be wrong, that said, they are one of the most silent switches you’ll find on the market with a near silent sound profile. The actuation force is a bit heavy at 67g but the gold-plated spring mechanism inside makes typing on these a breeze. 

You can buy Durock Daybreak switches here.

Outemu Red Switches

Brand: Outemu | Price: $7.99 for 20 switches

Much like all other red switches on this list, Outemu’s offering is silent, has a linear profile and a pretty silent sound profile, especially considering what you’re paying for the switches themselves. That said, the 80g actuation force might be a bit too much for you if you like your keyboards light.

You can buy Outemu Red Switches here

Gazzew Boba U4

Brand: Gazzew | Price: $6.50 for 10 switches

Last but not least, Gazzew’s Boba U4 switches are one of the most silent mechanical switches money can buy. They’re also available in multiple actuation force options — 62g and 68g as wells as different housing designs based on whether you want to use them in an RGB keyboard or not. They aren’t the cheapest of the bunch and will set you back a fair bit, but they’re far from expensive, especially for the performance they provide.

You can buy Gazzew Boba U4 Switches here

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