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What does IDGI mean?

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Abbreviations and acronyms have become a part of the internet ecosystem and new ones keep adding to the list periodically with new trends. These shorter forms of words or phrases help get the message across quick in the fast paced internet communities or comments on a popular post and also makes it easier to stick to the word limit of certain social media networks. One such phrase is IDGI.

Here we’ve explained what IDGI means and how to use it in a conversation on texts, social media and any other online community or forum.

What does IDGI stand for?

IDGI stands for, ‘ I Didn’t Get It’.

This acronym is used by the sender to make the other person aware that the sender can’t really understand the context of the conversation at that point. In simpler words, IDGI is used in a conversation to make the receiver know that it is difficult to understand what they are saying.

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How to use IDGI?

It is used to express to the person at the other end that the sender did not get or understand the opinion, joke or any other statement made by the receiver.

Example 1

Person 1*Cracks a joke*
Person 2IDGI

IDGI can be used to ask for a more detailed explanation about a joke or a statement.

Example 2

Person 1A calorie deficit is important for fat loss.
Person 2IDGI. Can you please explain?

IDGI can be used to ask in a dismissing or rude tone as well to make the other person stop talking about the theme or topic that is being discussed. In simple words, it can be used in a sarcastic manner.

Example 3

Person 1*Cracks a joke*
Person 2IDGI. Is that a joke? Are we supposed to laugh?

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal