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What does JIT mean?

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A lot of people have shifted to talking over text messages rather than making a phone call or informing about important things in person due to the convenience of using online text messaging. This convenience is further alleviated as acronyms have increasingly become a part of the daily conversation on texts or online.

One such phrase that has been shortened for its convenient usage over text is JIT. Here we’ve explained what JIT means and examples of how you can use it in conversation in different contexts.

What does JIT stand for?

JIT stands for, ‘ Just In Time’.

It is sent by the sender who has just arrived in time or finished provided project or assignment on any deadline — just at the time or just before the time of the deadline.

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How to use JIT?

JIT can be used by the sender to make the other person understand that they have arrived or completed the task just before the decided time or just before the deadline.

It can also be used to express that something has arrived at that particular moment or the predetermined time.

Example 1

Person 1Be on time for the party today.
Person 2Sure.
Person 2 ( At the time of the party)See I’m JIT.

JIT can also be used sarcastically when the thing has not arrived in time.

Example 2

Person 1 The model hasn’t arrived yet. We’ll be late for the shoot.
Person 2Hey, I am here with the model.
Person 3Great! JIT!

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal