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What does IFK mean on Snapchat?

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Internet slangs bring in different acronyms and abbreviations used over various social media platforms for online messaging and communicating with people.

In this article, we’re talking about what IFK means on Snapchat and the internet generally, how and when to use it and when to refrain from the term.

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What does IFK stand for?

IFK stands for, ‘ I [email protected]#ng Know’.

It can be used to depict various emotions, but most often, those emotions lie in the extremes. Could be anger, frustration or just extreme excitement about a particular thing or event.

Do keep in mind that IFK is an extremely casual slang that should strictly be used in informal conversations between friends. If you decide to throw this term around in an office email, not only will it leave the receiver scratching their head over what you’re trying to say, once they figure it out, you could be facing some consequences.

The F word might be commonly thrown around the internet, but in most cases, it does follow a context by a lot of people who are communicating with one another with an idea of the other person and not taking an offence on what they are trying to say.

It shall also not be used in front of a person who has no idea what does abbreviation stands for or what the sender’s tone is so that there is no sense of conflict between the two people. There is no miscommunication or misinterpretation of the message that the sender keens on to sending.

The exact origins of the slang aren’t exactly known, but it stems from the popular acronym ‘IK’, which stands for ‘I know’.

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