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What does WBK mean?

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The internet is full of random slang and acronyms that may sound like complete gibberish even if you’ve been out of touch with the online communities for a little while.

Acronyms have been an integral part of texting ever since it began, and a new one keeps popping up now and then. In this article, we’re looking at WBK, what it means, and where you can use the acronym.

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WBK meaning

WBK essentially stands for “We Been Knew”. While that may not make any sense grammatically, it’s a rather popular acronym that you can see anywhere from Twitch stream chat boxes to just everyday texting.

The term is the equivalent of saying “yeah, obviously”, except you’re adding a good dose of sass and sarcasm in there. You’d typically use it when implying that something is quite obvious and you know it already. 

It first appeared on Twitter and has picked up pace since then. The term originally came from African-American Vernacular English, otherwise known as AAVE. The phrase has been used in AAVE for quite some time before it appeared online, and usage surged in the past few years. 

The first definitions of the phrase on the online slang database Urban Dictionary date back to 2017 for the actual phrase and then 2018 for the acronym. 

While the term is rapidly growing in popularity and being adopted by different communities online, It’s still a fairly recent internet slang, and not a lot of people might know about it, something you should keep in mind before blasting the acronym in every conversation you have online. The term can also come off a bit snappy to people, so consider the context of the conversation as well.

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