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Microsoft may launch the new Indiana Jones game on Sony PS5

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Microsoft is considering launching Indiana Jones and the Great Circle on PS5 alongwith Xbox and PC. The game’s initial reveal occurred during Microsoft’s Xbox Developer Direct event last month, where the game was announced as an Xbox and PC exclusive.

However, citing sources familiar with the matter, The Verge wrote that the game may find its way to Sony’s PlayStation 5 console.

Bethesda, the company behind Indiana Jones, is considering adopting a multi-platform approach for certain Xbox games, with Indiana Jones being a key contender. The move aligns with Microsoft’s evolving strategy, where the company evaluates which titles will remain exclusive to Xbox and which may make their way to Nintendo Switch or PS5.

While Indiana Jones will launch as an Xbox console exclusive, sources suggest that this exclusivity period will be relatively short-lived. Bethesda is reportedly contemplating a release for the PS5 a few months after the initial Xbox and PC launch, with a tentative target of December 2024.

Source: Bethesda

The exact timing and platform availability for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle are subject to change, given that Microsoft’s new multi-platform approach is still in the evaluation phase.

Recent reports by The Verge also suggest that Microsoft is considering bringing other Xbox games, including Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush, to rival consoles like Nintendo Switch and PS5, with the announcement expected in the coming weeks.

It is also suggested that Microsoft is planning to bring the highly anticipated Starfield to PS5 following the release of its Shattered Space expansion for Xbox and PC. This move further reinforces Microsoft’s willingness to explore cross-platform releases for its key titles.

While releasing games with cross-platform compatibility is advantageous to gamers and the company, developing such games may also take time and expense. On the other hand, releasing the game on other consoles will boost the hype and help the company earn more.

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