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Why are my Instagram messages blacked out?

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Instagram has grown to be a booming example of business on social media where people come together to connect, buy, sell, share, or make others laugh by creating content. You can message your friends, video call, or call them normally as well as share posts, reels, and stories. Hence, any disruptions to this flowing stream of content-filled river spell disruption in the lives of anyone who uses this app.

In this article, we will discuss why your Instagram messages are blackened and what this indicates as well as how you can fix it in one step.

What does black indicate?

You do not have to worry as various users across the world are facing the same issues. This leads us to the following conclusions about the appearance of black boxes:

  • Not due to network errors
  • Not due to your device
  • Not due to your operating system

If your temper is running high due to confusion over why your Instagram messages are black then it is probably due to a glitch in the matrix. Just kidding, it is a glitch present in the latest updates of Instagram. If your apps are set to auto-update then you can be sure to expect this glitch on your Instagram. Often, social media platforms experience issues like glitches that are left unsolved until the update has been released.

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Black box fixes

To fix this recurring issue of glitches, you should not try to update your Instagram app. Since the entire issue seems to be springing from the recent update, if your experiencing blank or black message boxes, avoid updating your app.

Some users have tried to restart their devices however, in this case, the glitch does not have anything to do with a particular device. The app is facing problems, hence uninstalling and reinstalling the device will not do the trick.

What you can do is follow a very simple remedy to fix this issue: switch on your device’s dark mode. Yes, just by switching to dark mode, you will be able to read any text messages that you receive.

In the case of a PC, you do not need to change your device’s appearance, only the website’s appearance. You can follow the steps given below for all your devices:

  • For iOS devices: Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Dark
  • For Android devices: Settings -> Display -> Dark Theme (varies for every device)
  • For the Instagram website: Log in -> More in the bottom left corner -> Switch appearance

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