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Instagram launches Notes in Asia and Europe

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Instagram released a text-only status update feature called ‘Notes’ in December 2022. However, the feature wasn’t released in the EU, UK, and Japan due to compliance issues with their standards. On Monday, CEO Adam Mosseri announced. Notes will now be available worldwide with roll out in these regions as well.

Instagram’s Notes feature is a small dialogue box that hovers above the profile pictures of the people you are following. If you haven’t noticed this feature yet, you can update your app, as many United States users cannot view Notes. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, recently spoke about how before launching a new feature worldwide, they tested it in a few countries.

Instagram released the feature in many countries barring a few, as they had to comply with the regulations imposed in those specific countries. While they were busy building Notes in compliance with the rules, Notes received good feedback from Asia, North America, and Latin America.

After carefully reviewing the feature, Instagram is ready to launch the Notes feature throughout the European Union, Japan, and the UK. If you are new to this feature, you can find it above your Instagram messages as a small dialog box that hovers over round profile displays.

Instagram Notes features

Here’s a quick rundown of the text-based status feature.

  • Notes have a character limit of 60 characters.
  • You can write anything on Notes, be it asking if anyone is free to hang out on Sunday.
  • This dialog box is visible to all of your followers and they can reply to your note.
  • A Note is only valid for only 24 hours and disappears without a trace.
  • If you write a new Note, the previous one disappears.
  • You cannot send a Note to someone individually.
  • Your followers are not notified if you upload a Note.

Meta has also fixed a two-factor authentication bug on Facebook and Instagram that would allow an attacker to bypass the authentication through brute-force attacks. Earlier this month, Meta also put more restrictions on advertisements shown to teens on its social networks.

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