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Instagram brings new donation sticker, camera updates to Stories

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Instagram brings new donation sticker, camera updates to Stories

Instagram has been updated with a new donation sticker, new camera, camera mode and shopping in-app. This announcement has come alongwith updates to other Facebook-owned properties such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook and its AR/VR branch at F8, the company’s annual developer conference.

Instagram has increasingly become the go-to destination for users before they check out Facebook or Snapchat as the best features from these apps have been duplicated on the photo-blogging social media platform.

To add to its already extensive list of features, Instagram Stories has been updated with new features that will allow you to send and receive donations, shop from creators without leaving the app and a new camera design that will enable creators to add effects and interactive stickers directly from the in-app camera.

“Enabling expression and fostering those connections are at the heart of Instagram, and today we’re announcing new ways to strengthen those connections with the people and things you love,” Instagram stated.

Donation Sticker

Instagram brings new donation sticker, camera updates to StoriesInstagram users in USA can raise money for a non-profit directly through Stories. Open the in-app camera, click or upload an image, select donation sticker from among the sticker icons, select the nonprofit and then customise the look of your fundraiser using the available creative tools.

Once live, you can check the total amount of fund raised or fund raised by a specific username by swiping up on the story. Instagram will take none of the money raised. The feature will also be rolled out to other countries as and when it’s possible.

“From helping more women of colour learn to code to supporting teen mental health, you can build excitement and awareness with your friends around important causes that impact your community.”

Camera and Create Mode

Instagram brings new donation sticker, camera updates to StoriesIn the coming weeks, Instagram will introduce a new camera design, which will include popular tools like effects and interactive stickers.

The Create Mode, which will also feature in the new camera design, will allow you to share your thoughts more creatively without adding an image or a video.


Instagram brings new donation sticker, camera updates to StoriesNext week onwards, Instagram users will be able to shop directly from within the app. Whenever you see merchandise or accessories that you wish to buy on a Story by a creator, tap on it to check out more details about it and also buy it without leaving the app.

Currently, Instagram is testing this feature with a small group of creators.

Instagram Stories currently has north of 500 million daily active users and these updates will surely make the social media platform an even better option for its users.



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