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Instax mini 11 flashing lights explained

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Instax cameras by Fujifilm are one of the best instant cameras and are giving a tough competition to the competitors.

A instant camera is one where you get instant hardcopy of the photo. These cameras are great for a quick photo and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Due to these features, instant cameras are liked by amateurs and professionals alike.

However, you will sometimes see flashes of lights on your Instax mini 11. In this article, we explain what to these lights mean and how to fix it.

All lights blinking on Instax mini 11

If your Instax mini 11 is acting strange and all the lights are blinking, then don’t worry as we got you covered.

Here are few types of blinking lights and what they indicate:

  • If the light is blinking slowly, then this means that the flash is charging. Usually the flash takes about 3-10 seconds to recharge fully. It is advisable to wait for at least 10 seconds before taking another photo.
  • If the lights are blinking quickly, this means that either the battery needs a replacement or the film camera is jammed. When replacing batteries, make sure that you use alkaline batteries as recommended by Fujifilm. And while changing the jammed film, you should take care not to force remove the film as it can render it useless.

Fujifilm recommends removing and inserting the batteries while the power is on to remove the jammed film.

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Orange light blinking on Instax mini 11

A blinking orange light indicates that your Instax batteries need to be replaced or are damaged. Check the batteries and if you find any damage, change them asap.

You can also take a few additional steps such as:

  • Restart the camera.
  • Check the battery orientation.
  • Remove the jammed film.

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Red light flashing on Instax mini 11

A flashing red light indicates that the film is not loaded properly. Gently take out the film and then align the film to the rollers. This will ensure that the film is properly fixed and will also stop the red light.

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