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How to fix the ‘iPhone not sending pictures’ issues?

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While smartphones have made our lives convenient, there are often days when they add to our frustration, especially when they refuse to do what you ask of them.

If you are trying to send an image from your iPhone to any contact, but it won’t go through, this guide lists methods you can try to help fix this problem.

If you are going to use iMessage, please ensure you have an active internet connection.

Why isn’t your iPhone sending pictures?

You might be facing the ‘iPhone not sending pictures’ issue due to one of the following reasons.

  • Slow or spotty internet connection at your end or the recipient.
  • An issue with your internet service provider (telecom and fixed-line).
  • Hardware or software glitch on your iPhone.

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7 ways to fix ‘iPhone not sending pictures’ error

Before reading further, we recommend performing the following two troubleshooting steps to verify which device is at fault, the sender or the receiver.

Restart your iPhone

While basic, this method does help fix most software or hardware-related errors. To restart your phone follow the steps listed below.

For devices without a Home button: Hold down the Sleep/Wake button alongwith either of the volume buttons for a few seconds until a slider shows up; do as indicated to turn off the device.

For devices with a Home button: To turn off a device with a home button, users will not need to press any volume buttons. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button to bring up the slider and do as indicated.

Long-press the power button to turn on the device.

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Send pictures to another contact

In a situation like this, narrowing down the source of the issue is vital. To do this, we recommend you attempt sending pictures to different contacts.

If the picture is delivered successfully to one but not to another, the error must be on the receiver’s end. Although, if no one receives the image, your device is likely at fault.

If the steps listed above did not help, read further ahead to check whether your phone is configured correctly.

Enable iMessage

Open the Settings application and follow the steps listed below.

  • Locate and tap on the Messages subsection.
  • Toggle on iMessage.

Enable MMS

Open the Settings application and follow the steps listed below.

  • Locate and tap on the Messages subsection.
  • Toggle on MMS Messaging under the SMS/MMS heading.

Note: If your carrier does not offer this functionality, the MMS Messaging option won’t appear.

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Reset Network Preferences

Buggy network settings can often hinder message services, resulting in issues such as iPhone not sending pictures. Open the Settings application and follow the steps listed below to reset your iPhone’s network settings.

  • Locate and tap on the General subsection.
  • Scroll down to locate Reset.
  • Within Reset, tap on Reset Network Settings.
  • Enter your passcode to confirm the reset request.

Check your internet connection

If nothing above works, check your internet connection. If you’re connected to the WiFi, try to reduce wireless interference by placing the router in a better place or removing obstructions from the way.

Also, check if your internet connection’s latency is high using sites like or If the latency numbers are high, restart the router.

Switch from WiFi to Mobile Internet

You can also try to switch your iPhone’s internet connection from WiFi to cellular data or vice-versa to fix the ‘iPhone not sending pictures’ issue.

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