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iPhone’s Bluetooth and WiFi don’t turn off via control centre of iOS 11

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Apple revamped a lot of things in its iOS 11 update, among it was the control centre that is directly accessible from anywhere on the iPhone. It also revamped how the WiFi and Bluetooth toggle switches work in the control centre.

So, now even if you toggle the Bluetooth or WiFi off from the iOS control centre, they do not switch off completely.

But why does this happen? Well, the WiFI and Bluetooth transmitters cannot be disabled directly from the control centre so that they’re able to maintain support for background services such as AirDrop, AirPlay, geolocation services and Apple Watch.

This feature can be especially troublesome for those who don’t use an Apple Watch or Airdrop service and want to get more screen time on a single charge by switching off non-essential functions of the phone.

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So, if you think toggling the switch off from the control centre has switched off your Bluetooth or WiFi adapters, you’re wrong.

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How to turn off Bluetooth or WiFi on iOS 11?

When you toggle off your Bluetooth or WiFi, it changes from a dark blue icon to a white icon. This means that the Bluetooth has been disabled partially but not turned off completely.

How to turn off Bluetooth and WiFi completely via control centre of iOS 11

Shutting down the functionality of the Bluetooth and WiFi completely on your iPhone running on iOS 11 isn’t tricky at all but rather a bit old school.

You’ll need to access the Settings of your iPhone, scroll down to either Bluetooth or WiFi, tap on it and toggle the button off.

How to turn off Bluetooth and WiFi completely via control centre of iOS 11

Once the Bluetooth or WiFi has been turned off from via the Settings, you’ll see that its icon on the control centre is dim and has been crossed off. This means that the Bluetooth or WiFi on your iPhone has been turned off completely.

How to turn off Bluetooth and WiFi completely via control centre of iOS 11

Note: While turning off the Bluetooth from the control centre will disable it for other services except AirDrop, AirPlay, location and Apple Watch, turning off WiFi from there will only disable it for 24 hours.

While this might seem trivial for most of you, it’s useful for new iPhone users. Quite often users tend to neglect these little things that are right in front of their eyes. If you were in the dark too we hoped this article helped to make things a bit clearer for you.

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