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Is BlaBlaCar safe in India?

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BlaBlaCar has become popular for commuters seeking affordable and convenient travel options. Founded in 2006, this French-based company has expanded its services worldwide, including India. However, as with any form of shared transportation, questions about safety inevitably arise.

This article discusses safety features offered by BlaBlaCar India, a few tips for a safe riding experience and whether BlaBlaCar is safe.

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Safety features offered by BlaBlaCar India

BlaBlaCar offers several features to promote a secure ride-sharing experience:

  • Verified profiles: Users can upload government ID for verification, adding a layer of trust before you even step into the car.
  • Review system: Members can leave ratings and reviews for drivers and passengers, giving you valuable insights into their past behaviour and providing a reputation system to incentivise good conduct.
  • Ladies only option: Understanding the specific safety concerns of women travellers, BlaBlaCar offers a unique feature – Ladies Only. This option allows women to search for rides exclusively with female drivers, providing an extra layer of comfort and security.
  • Contact information masking: Drivers’ phone numbers are hidden until a ride is confirmed, reducing the risk of unwanted contact or harassment before the trip.
  • 24/7 support: BlaBlaCar offers customer support if you encounter any issues during your ride. You can report a safety concern or get help with any problems.

The reality of ride-sharing in India

Despite these safety features, carpooling inherently involves trusting strangers to a certain degree. Here are some realities of ride-sharing in India to consider:

  • Limited regulatory oversight: Ride-sharing services in India are a relatively new concept, and regulations may not be as comprehensive or strictly enforced as in other countries with a longer history of carpooling apps. This can mean a lack of standardised safety protocols or clear guidelines for dispute resolution.
  • Cash transactions: While the BlaBlaCar app facilitates online payments, many BlaBlaCar rides in India still involve cash payments. This can be less secure than in-app transactions, as there’s no digital record of the fare exchange.
  • Unfamiliarity with drivers: A key safety concern is the inherent lack of familiarity with the person behind the wheel. Being cautious and aware of your surroundings is important, especially during nighttime rides or when travelling on unfamiliar routes.

Tips for a safe BlaBlaCar ride in India

Here are some steps you can take to maximise your safety:

  • Choose verified drivers: Prioritise drivers with verified IDs and positive reviews. A verified ID adds a layer of trust, and positive reviews from past passengers can give you a sense of the driver’s reliability and courtesy.
  • Share trip details: Inform friends or family about your trip details, including driver information, estimated arrival time, and your BlaBlaCar ride ID. Keeping someone else in the loop allows them to check in on you and offer help if needed.
  • Stay alert: Regardless of how friendly the driver seems, it’s important to stay alert during your ride. Trust your instincts. If something feels wrong or unsafe, ask the driver to pull over or contact BlaBlaCar’s support team.
  • Use in-app features: Communicate and pay entirely within the BlaBlaCar app for better tracking and security. This creates a digital record of your trip and provides BlaBlaCar with more information in case you need assistance.

Is BlaBlaCar safe?

Yes, BlaBlaCar is safe to use in India. BlaBlaCar can be a convenient and affordable travel option in India. However, approaching carpooling with caution is crucial. By understanding the app’s safety features and the Indian ride-sharing landscape and following these safety tips, you can minimise risks and enjoy a smooth ride-sharing experience.

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