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Is Etsy safe?

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If you’re an avid online shopper, you must have heard or used Etsy at least once. But is Etsy safe to use?

Etsy has skyrocketed to become one of the most popular online marketplaces for handmade, vintage, and unique items.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the safety aspects of Etsy and will answer the most common questions that may concern you as a buyer.

How does Etsy work?

Etsy is an e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers of creative goods. Unlike many other online retailers, Etsy does not sell its products. Instead, it allows individual sellers to set up their online shops on the platform and list the items for sale.

Simply speaking, Etsy acts as a bridge between buyers and sellers. Buyers can browse through millions of products listed on the website and filter the products using the keywords.

Etsy accepts almost all payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Etsy Gift Cards. As a buyer, you can choose your preferred shipping options and delivery dates and track your items.

Is Etsy legit?

Another common question that most first-time visitors on the platform ask is whether Etsy is a legit platform or a scam.

Etsy is a legit business operating since 2005. Etsy is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

The platform boasts over four million active sellers and over 90 million buyers worldwide. Moreover, Etsy has earned a place in the most innovative company survey by Fast Company.

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Is Etsy safe to buy from?

Yes, Etsy is generally safe to buy from. However, like any other online marketplace, some risks are involved while buying from sellers.

In general, you should follow the tips that we have provided below to have a safe shopping experience on Etsy or any other online marketplace:

Check the seller’s reviews and ratings

Always check the seller’s reviews and ratings to understand the customer experience. Look for positive reviews that mention the quality of the product, the accuracy of the description, the speed of the delivery and the customer service.

Avoid sellers with overwhelmingly negative reviews or no reviews at all.

Check the seller’s policies and FAQs

Make it a habit to check the seller’s policies on shipping, returns, refunds, exchanges, cancellations, and custom orders to avoid hassles in the future.

Look out for the FAQ page to review some of the most important questions the public asks. Always go with sellers who have mentioned the policies in detail and avoid those who have published vague policies or have no policies.

Contact the seller before buying if you have any questions or concerns

You can use Etsy’s messaging system to send a message to the seller and ask them anything that is bothering you about their product or service, including the materials, dimensions, colours, features or availability of their item.

You can also mention your custom preferences to the seller and work it out in the message. Remember, the more you communicate with the seller, the better your product will be if it’s a custom piece.

Also, if the seller is polite and responsive, it will give you an idea that they are professional and take their jobs seriously. Look for responsive and helpful sellers who answer your questions promptly and politely. Avoid sellers who ignore your messages or give you unsatisfactory answers.

Keep your transaction on Etsy

Do not pay outside of Etsy’s payment system or share your personal or financial information with anyone else.

If you pay outside Etsy’s payment system, you will not be protected by Etsy buyer protection plan or privacy policy. In case something goes wrong with your payment or order; you will not be able to get your money back.

Use a secure payment method

Always use a secure payment method like credit card, debit card, PayPal or another method that offers payment protection while shopping on online shopping platforms like Etsy.

Do not use methods like checks, wire transfers, or money orders that are hard to trace and recover.

Track your order and confirm its delivery

After placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation, a tracking number, and an estimated delivery date of your product.

Use the tracking number to track the order’s progress and location. Once you receive your order, confirm its delivery on your Etsy account or application. This will let the seller know you have received your item and completed the transaction.

Leave a review and feedback for the seller

After you have received the product, head to the seller’s page and leave a review. This will help the seller as well as other customers. You can detail your experience and the quality of the product received, including the original packaging and the review of the product itself.

You can upload product pictures to help your fellow customers with further detailing.

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What if I have a problem with my order on Etsy?

If you experience any problem with your order on Etsy, such as not receiving it, receiving a damaged or defective item, or receiving an item that didn’t match the product description, you should first contact the seller and try to resolve the issue.

In most cases, the seller will arrange for the return of the item or offer a refund or repair.

If you cannot resolve the issue with the seller, you can contact Etsy and ask them to open a case and resolve your issue. Normally, you can contact Etsy within 100 days of your order date or 60 days of receiving the product, whichever is later.

After receiving the ticket, Etsy will investigate the claims and try to resolve the issue between you and the seller. If you and the seller cannot come to an agreement within seven days, Etsy will escalate the case and make the final decision based on the pieces of evidence presented by both parties.

If Etsy decides in your favour, then it is well and good. You will either receive a refund or a replacement of the product. However, if Etsy decides not to support your case, you have 30 days to file an appeal.

In conclusion, Etsy is a safe platform that is trusted by millions across the globe. However, that being said, you should take precautions that er have listed in the article to be safe from scams and other online harassment techniques fraud sellers use on these platforms.

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