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Is Grover trustworthy?

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As technology keeps getting better, it also keeps getting more and more expensive to the point where even a basic necessity like a smartphone has become a bit of an expense. 

However, with the rise of subscription-based models, it has become easier than ever to simply rent out the tech you need without having to commit to a large upfront payment. 

In this article, we’re talking about Grover, a technology rental service and whether or not renting gadgets from them is a safe bet. 

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What does Grover do?

As mentioned before, Grover is an online service that lets you rent tech gadgets and accessories for a small monthly payment instead of having to buy something upfront. You can get anything from laptops, tablets, iPads, consoles and even AirPods on the platform.

Is Grover trustworthy?

The way this works is quite similar to an e-commerce platform like Amazon. You simply browse the site for the gadget you’re looking for, add it to your cart, select a minimum renting period and place your order by making the first monthly payment. 

Once the initial payment is done, Grover will charge you on a per-month basis for the minimum renting period you selected at checkout. If your rental period is over, you can either extend it on a per-month basis, switch to a longer plan or even buy the product you’re renting by paying the difference. 

Is Grover safe?

Naturally, when you’re renting something out, questions about quality and whether or not you’re actually getting your product can come up, especially when there’s a chance that the product is pre-used. 

Grover addresses these issues by doing quality checks every time a product is returned to them to ensure that it’s in proper working order and in mint condition. The service thoroughly cleans and refurbishes the device before listing it again on the website. Additionally, there’s a 90% replacement or repair coverage included in your rent. 

So yes, while renting gadgets from the service is safe, you should always inspect the gadgets at your end before receiving and raise any complaints with Grover’s customer support right away.

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