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Is Softonic safe?

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Over the years, the internet has evolved from a tool to an absolute necessity these days. The internet aids just about everything we get done on our computers or phones in some way, shape or form. 

Out of this, downloading new software and games is perhaps the most common thing. Now there are loads of websites on the internet that offer free downloads, and Softonic is one of them.

In this article, we’re looking at what Softonic is and whether it is safe to download anything from their massive library of software and games. 

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What is Softonic?

Softonic is a software download site and a tech blog that offers several free (and paid) games and software and advice and insights on various things happening around tech. 

The company serves about 60 million users a month, downloading as many as four million apps, games, and software every day. You can find a download for anything here, including Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, PWA, web apps, and WordPress plugins and themes.

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Is it safe to use?

With the growing number of cyber attacks and ransomware cases worldwide, downloading free software from any website might seem scary, and for a good reason.

Softonic claims that the downloads they offer are, in fact, safe from any malware, adware, viruses or ransomware, but we wouldn’t suggest simply taking their word for it and downloading whatever you like. While yes, there are a good bunch of downloads on the website that is, in fact, safe to download and install on your device, we suggest you proceed with caution.

There have been several cases of malware being bundled in with the installers that you get off of the website. If nothing, you might just end up installing adware on your PC inadvertently and have it ruin your day with random popups. 

It’s advisable to proceed with caution with any website that you download software from, even if it’s the official source. Always scan files with your antivirus or antimalware before running them on your PC to ensure you stay protected. 

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