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Is Journal Lapse app safe?

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The Journal Lapse app is gaining popularity for its unique way of capturing life’s fleeting moments without any annoying ads. Users can especially share their memories with different options to spice up their profiles. One cool feature is disposable cameras, where photos and videos are stored and revealed after a certain period, adding an exciting twist to social media.

The registration process of the app is also unique. While signing up on the app, it asks you to invite five friends; you can’t go further without inviting them. It forces you to invite your friends to use the app.

This article discusses the security concerns, information collected by the app, how they use and share it and whether it is safe.

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Security concerns

Although the app offers many features, users are concerned about privacy and security. When you sign up, the app asks for many permissions, like accessing your contacts, photos, microphone, and camera. This has made people concerned that their personal information might be misused.

Information collected by the app

When you use the platform, various types of personal information are collected, including Identity, Contact, Location, Friends, Platform, Transaction, Device, and Usage Data. Providing personal information is optional, but in some cases, it may be necessary for platform delivery or legal compliance.

How do they use and share your information?

Use of information

The use of personal information is based on lawful bases such as Contractual Necessity, Legitimate Interest, Compliance with Law, and Consent. Information is utilised for purposes like account creation, service delivery, contacts synchronisation, purchases, fraud prevention, troubleshooting, and analytics to enhance and operate the platform.

Sharing of information

Information is shared with affiliates, service providers, professional advisers, public authorities for legal compliance, and potential purchasers during business transactions. Recipients adhere to contractual provisions ensuring privacy and security.

Is it safe?

If you are somebody who cares about their personal information, then this app is not safe to use. The Lapse app demands extensive permissions during sign-up, making users uneasy. The app requires access to your device’s contacts, photos, camera, and microphone to register. This level of access is concerning, so prioritising your personal info safety over trying the app is wise.

Most users feel uncomfortable with how the app handles privacy, risking their data confidentiality. The Lapse seems like it’s after a lot of user data without a clear reason for needing contacts, photos, and camera access. This behaviour raises privacy concerns and flags how it manages user mobile data.

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