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Why isn’t Omegle working? Is it down? Quick Fix

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Omegle is a rather popular online chat room that works across the world. However, while it is insanely popular and works just fine most of the time, sometimes you might end up facing issues.

In this article, we’re taking a look at why Omegle might not be working for you and giving you five fixes for the problem,

Reboot your router

First, try unplugging and plugging back your router after waiting for 5 mins. Once your router is up and running, try to load some websites. If that doesn’t work use the URL you give for your router and log in to your account. Go inside the System settings and choose Reboot.

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Check Omegle servers

Another thing you can do is check to see if Omegle servers are still running. Although rare, server outages still happen and can cause connection errors. You can check sites like DownDetector to see if there’s an ongoing problem with Omegle servers.  

Use a VPN

If you’re accessing Omegle from a country where the service is blocked or if you have been blocked by Omegle, you’re going to have to use a VPN with a location set someplace where Omegle works without issues. 

Clear Chrome’s browsing data

Corrupt files in your cache or otherwise can cause this error as well. Clear them out to see if you can get Chrome to work.

Step 1: Type in chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in your browser’s address bar and hit Enter.

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Step 2: Select the cache and cookies options and make sure the Time range is set to All time. Click on the Clear now button to clear out all the data. 

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Use command prompt to flush DNS

 Misconfigured DNS settings can cause a lot of headaches. Here’s how you can reset them.

Step 1: Press Windows key + R and type in cmd, and hit enter.

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Step 2: Type in ipconfig /flushdns to reset DNS settings to default.

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If the above command doesn’t help, try entering these commands in the Command Prompt one at a time.

netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset

If you suspect an issue with your router’s DHCP assignment, use these commands to release your old IP and request a new one. 

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

If this doesn’t work, use the following commands to reset your network stack.

nbtstat -R
nbtstat -RR
netsh int ip reset C:\resetlog.txt
netsh winsock reset

Head over to your terminal on a Mac and type in sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder. Next, type in your password when prompted for it, and try re-accessing Omegle.

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