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Is PreMid allowed on Discord?

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Discord is an app similar to TeamSpeak, it is specifically made for gamers who want to connect with other gamers to talk more about their games and seek help from other gamers. The apps make it easier to search for the servers related to the games you play, though there are many kinds of servers available on discord for people with different interests like anime, manga, cryptocurrency and many more.

In this article, we have discussed what is PreMid and its features and whether it is allowed on Discord or not.

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What is PreMid?

PreMid is an app that allows you to show your activity on the web in your discord profile’s now-playing status, and the whole project is open-source, its core features are that it displays what you are currently doing on the web as your status in your discord and grants complete control over presences.

How does PreMid work with discord?

PreMid app uses Remote Procedure calls (RPC) to extend the Rich Presence feature of discord to display your activity on discord, so other friends and the server members can see what you are doing currently.

Is PreMid against the ToS of Discord?

No, PreMid is not against the Terms of services of discord as it was posted on Twitter on the official page of discord that PreMid is not against the ToS of discord and it is not a client modification but a program that uses the rich presence feature of the discord.

So if you want to use PreMid to show your current activity to your friends and server members on discord then you know now that it is not illegal and discord itself allows its use on their platform.

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