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Is Terabox safe?

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Terabox has emerged as a notable player in the cloud space business. The company offers its customers a massive 1 TB of free storage. However, with a giant storage infrastructure comes great responsibility, especially regarding the safety and privacy of users’ data.

In this article, we’ll examine Terabox’s cybersecurity aspects to determine whether it’s a safe haven or a risky venture for your digital assets.

What is Terabox?

Terabox, formerly known as Dubox, is a cloud storage service that provides users with 1 TB of free storage space. It is a product of the Chinese company Flextech Inc., and it has been gaining traction due to its generous storage offering.

However, several issues with the platform have been reported in recent years. So, it is crucial to analyse the security features and risks associated with Terabox and cloud storage in general.

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Is Terabox safe?

We will analyse Terabox using domain intelligence and scam detection services. We will also check customer review websites to gauge customers’ experience with the service.


As you can see from the screenshot above, Virustotal has detected no problems with the Terabox domain. “No security vendors flagged this URL as malicious,” says the report.


On threatYeti, Terabox scored a low-risk rating of 2.97. This means the platform is safe enough for you to try uploading your files.


Next, we head to Scamadviser, a platform that monitors recent scam websites on the Internet and promptly identifies them.

As the screenshot above shows, Scamadviser gave Terabox a 100/100 trust score. This means the platform is not a scam but a legit company.


On Trustpilot, one of the reputed customer review websites, Terabox scored 3.5/5 based on 92 reviews.

Of these, 46% are 5-star reviews, and the same percentage are 1-star reviews. When we look at the negative reviews, people have complained about the adware, buggy interface of the mobile app, slow download speed for free users, and problems deleting the subscription once they have purchased it.

The 5-star reviews praised the app and its free 1 TB space.

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Terabox security concerns

One of the primary concerns that users have regarding Terabox is that, as a Chinese company, it may have to share data with the government upon request, as per Chinese laws.

This raises several privacy concerns for users, especially enterprise ones. Also, all cloud providers can, in theory, at least peek into your data once you have uploaded it, a fact mentioned in TechRadar’s Terabox review.

As per the company’s privacy policy, the company does not share users’ data with any third party without their consent. However, there are several exceptions to this statement, including when the company is required to “cooperate with national or regional governmental organisations of their agents in the performance of their duties or obligations under applicable laws and regulations.”

The platform also mentions that to optimise and provide better service delivery, they can share your information with third parties.

As for platform security, Terabox mentions, “We attach great importance to information security. Our dedicated team develops and employs various security technologies and programs. We conduct security background checks on personnel in charge of security management and those in critical security positions. We have established an information security management system and internal mechanisms for handling security events. We take appropriate security measures and technical means in line with industry standards to store and protect your personal information to prevent your information from being lost or accessed, disclosed, used, damaged, or revealed without authorisation.”

When we checked several forums, including Reddit, we found that users had complained that they received a Terabox email even when they didn’t sign up for it. This may be the result of an email leak, and someone else has made a Terabox account without informing the original user.

In conclusion, Terabox looks to be a legitimate platform. However, remember that the company is from China and, hence, can share the data with the CCP. Moreover, use strong passwords, backup your data frequently, and monitor for any potential leaks to make cloud storage beneficial for you.

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