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What does ISTG mean?

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Slangs have been a common theme across languages since the beginning of time. While some of these slangs become formalised and added to the dictionary, some remained in their original form and in some cases a thing of the past. However, the internet has not only helped popularise and socially legitimise several new acronyms and abbreviated forms of slangs, it has also brought back some popular ones. One such acronym is ISTG.

This article discusses what ISTG means, how to use it, and how not to use it in a conversation.

What does ISTG stand for?

ISTG stands for ‘I Swear To God’.

This is a prevalent and everyday language phrase used by people commonly around the globe — in their respective languages. It is quite easily understandable due to its popular use in day to day lives of people. It is rarely used over text messages as people prefer to use a relatively closer and popular phrase than this, OMG or ‘Oh My God’.

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How to use ISTG?

ISTG is quite a acronym and can depict many expressions and meanings.

ISTG can also emphasise your statement to make the other person believe what you are saying. This slang can make the receiver understand that what you are saying is true as it is responsible for your statement.

Example 1

Person 1ISTG I saw a leopard in the woods yesterday

ISTG can also be used to promise the receiver that what they expect the sender to do will be done responsibly and with seriousness and due care of the receiver’s expectations.

Example 2

FriendISTG. I will complete my part of the group assignment tomorrow

ISTG can also be used to make a threat or warning so that the other person takes them seriously and does what is expected of them or stop doing something that the sender does not like.

Example 3

Person 1Stop talking like this to me or else ISTG I will never talk to you again

Person1- Stop talking like this to me or else ISTG I will never talk to you again.

How not to use ISTG?

ISTG should not be used professionally or formally to elaborate or add sincereness to your statements.

ISTG should also not be used in front of highly religious and spiritual people as they might take offence to this phrase, which can create unwanted conflict.

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Ishika Aggarwal