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JioCinema offers the cheapest Rs. 29 monthly ad-free plan

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Reliance Jio, a popular streaming platform in India, has recently launched two new subscription plans. The subscription plan starts at Rs. 29 per month and offers access to a single screen. Alternatively, for Rs. 89 per month, the subscription offers access to four screens. This ad-free subscription plan includes offline viewing and up to 4K quality video streaming.

With this, Jio Cinema has become the cheapest streaming service in the country, surpassing Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar.

Netflix’s mobile plan for one device starts at Rs. 149/month, and users can watch on 480p resolution on their tablet or mobile phone. Computer and TV users must subscribe to the 199/month plan offering up to 720p resolution.

Netflix offers multiple screen plans starting at ₹499/month for up to 1080p resolution and going up to ₹649/month for support on four screens and up to 4K resolution.

Similarly, Disney+ Hotstar offers quarterly and yearly subscriptions to Indian users. The basic plan for mobile devices starts at Rs. 149 per quarter or Rs. 499/year. The basic plan does not support a TV or laptop. For this, users must upgrade to the Super plan at Rs. 299 per three months or Rs. 899/year.

For those looking to stream on more than two devices, Disney+ Hotstar offers a Premium subscription at Rs. 499/three months or Rs. 1499/year, supporting up to 4K video resolution.

Amazon Prime Video offers four membership plans: Rs. 299/month, Rs. 599/three months, Rs. 799/year, and Rs. 1499/year.

Here’s the simplified comparison table without including the ad-free status and notes:

Streaming ServiceMonthly/Quarterly/Yearly Price (in Rs.)Screens
JioCinema29 or 891 or 4
Netflix149 (Mobile) or 199 (Computer/TV) or 499 (2 Screens) or 649 (4 Screens)1 (Mobile) or 1 (Computer/TV) or 2 or 4
Disney+ Hotstar149 (Quarterly, Basic) or 299 (Quarterly, Super) or 499 (Yearly, Basic) or 899 (Yearly, Super) or 1499 (Yearly, Premium)1 (Mobile) or 1 (TV/Laptop) or 2
Amazon Prime Video299 (Monthly) or 599 (Quarterly) or 799 (Yearly) or 1499 (Yearly, Premium)up to 3 videos on 2 devices

This table compares subscription plans offered by JioCinema, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video in India, focusing on pricing options and screens allowed.

In January 2024, Netflix retired its ad-free Basic plan in Canada and the UK. Other streaming services, such as Disney+, will start to put an end to password sharing in June.

Also, several streaming services have recently hiked subscription prices. Jio’s dirt-cheap prices will affect the operations of these streaming services, and Indian users will likely see some price cuts in the future. Jio Cinema controls about 6% of India’s streaming market, while Hotstar has a major share. It will be interesting to see how Jio fares against Disney+ Hotstar with this strategy.

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