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How to fix Jura Z7 error 8?

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If you a coffee aficionado, you may have heard of Jura’s coffee-making machines. They’re stylishly designed automated coffee machines. Coffee machines are usually complicated and break down often; this normally disrupts your routine and mood. However, Jura’s coffee machines give you a delicious cup of coffee in less than 60 seconds.

In this article, we will discuss what error 8 on a Jura Z7 means and how you can fix it to get your broken schedule back to normal.

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What is Error 8?

Error 8 in a Jura Impressa Z7 model occurs when the brew cycle remains incomplete. This error number is also displayed on the LCD screen of the coffee machine. In easy terms, a brew cycle remains incomplete when a brew unit or a brew group gets jammed. Some questions that arise from this are:

What is a brew unit/group?

A brew unit or a brew group is an extension in front of the coffee machine to which you can attach a portafilter to make expresso. This brew group is large and heavy. Here, hot water keeps flowing through this unit constantly.

Why does a brew unit get jammed?

  • The constant hot water makes the pistons in the brew unit swell up, and they eventually get worn out.
  • This error can also occur if the piston gaskets or seals that protect leakage in pistons may break.
  • Leftover coffee in the brew unit if it is not cleaned regularly or at least once a year.
  • A coffee machine with a gear motor of 12V grinds the coffee beans into powder; if it emits a low hum, the machinery cannot cope.
  • If this gear motor, which sets the brew unit/group into motion with the help of a drive shaft, cannot reach or make contact with the drive shaft, it produces a loud noise.
  • If the motor does not move at all, then the transformer is damaged.
  • With the help of an encoder, the gear motor transfers the number of revolutions made to the CPU. If the encoder becomes loose, it will not be able to send the correct information to the CPU.

Fixing error 8

You can take care of the error that your coffee machine is showing by following the steps given below:

  • Remove the brew unit or group and clean it thoroughly to rinse the coffee residue.
  • If you cannot open your Jura coffee machine, you can ship it to have its servicing done. However, if you open up your Jura machine, it might be hard to put it all back together.
  • If you can open the machine, lubricate the moving parts and replace the piston gaskets or seals. You should also replace the drainage or dump valve, as any blockage here leads to water getting released mostly in the drip plate rather than through the coffee shot.
  • You can put descaling tablets in the water tank and let it sit there for a while. After some time, you can wash the tank.

When Jura’s coffee machine shows error 8, you may also receive bitter coffee. By cleaning the machine regularly, you can save the gear or drive motor, which will not result in the brew unit/group jamming.

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