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Bosch dishwasher error codes

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If you’ve had a long day, a big pile of dishes only prolongs your dream of kicking back with a novel, a beer, or a hot cup of coffee. This is where dishwashers come in to make your life easier. With Bosch’s quality and quiet dishwashers, your utensils get a thorough wash without disturbing you.

This article gives you the error codes that a Bosch’s dishwasher tends to show and what each implies. You will also learn about what to do when you see one.

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Bosch Error Codes

There are several error codes that a Bosch dishwasher may diagnose by itself and display to let you know what the error is. If this doesn’t help, contact Bosch here or call 1-800-944-2904.

Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes ReasonSolutionCaution
Error E3The dishwasher is unable to retain water.The dishwasher cannot fill up with water, so you can check if the water supply’s inlet valve is intact.Make sure that no pipes are twisted
Error E4Damaged water flow sensorWhen calcium deposits hamper the water sensor wheel, it cannot detect the amount of water.Replace the flow sensor as soon as possible
Error E5Water overflowsWhen water is overflowing, unplug the dishwasher switch. Replug it after a while.You can check if the float switch is functioning.
Error E6Fault with aqua sensorThe water may be hazy or cloudy. Check if the aqua sensor is functional.Stop using the dishwasher if the water is dirty or cloudy due to small particles.
Error E9There is an issue with the heating element.It might be caused due to a solder on the Heater Relay. Replace the heater element.Avoid using the dishwasher
Error E12The build-up of limescale in the heat pumpHard water leaves behind limescale deposits by using a Bosch descaler.Use softening salt in your dishwasher or water softener.
Error E14An issue with the water filling system of the dishwasher Contact Bosch customer support centre:
at 1-800-944-2904.
Avoid using the dishwasher.
Error E15Presence of water in the base of the dishwasher Turn off the water inflow. Contact the Bosch customer support centre.Your dishwasher’s leakage protection system gets activated.
Error E16 or E17Water is not able to flow into the systemTurn off the water inflow, then check if the inlet pipe is twisted or damaged.Contact the Bosch customer support centre for any further help.
Error E18Hindrance to water flow into the dishwasherWater is not being appropriately pumped, and the level is too lowCheck if the water is being supplied at a constant rate of 10 litres/minute. Also, check for any twist or damage to the water pipe
Error E22Dishwasher is blockedThe filter needs to be cleaned as it is probably clogged due to food residue.Clean your dishwasher regularly and scrub the filter clean thoroughly.
Error E23The drain pipe is blockedContact Bosch customer support This may happen frequently, so first, turn off the water inflow. Then call the support centre.
Error E24A blockage in the filter causes improper drainingThe inlet pipe might be damaged or twisted. It can also be due to a loose pump cover or the exact location of the garbage disposal. Check the inlet pipe’s condition. You can also try tightening the pump cover located below the filter. Finally, ensure the garbage disposal’s drain plug is removed if it is the same as your dishwasher’s drain removal.
Error E25The drain pump is either blocked, missing, or loose.If the drain pump cover is loose, you can tighten it by removing the filter. Remove the drain pump cover and wash it with soap under water.

With innovative technology on the rise, some errors are bound to arise. However, with Bosch’s dishwasher, you are provided with customer care and help around the clock. You can also refer to the user manuals in case of any doubt.

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