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Kanye West acquires conservative-friendly social network, Parler

Owners of the right-wing friendly social media platform Parler have announced that Kanye West, now known as Ye, will be acquiring the platform. The news comes after the rapper was banned from social media earlier this month, including Instagram and Twitter following anti-semantic posts. 

According to the agreement, the two parties intend to enter into a definitive purchase agreement which is expected to close during Q4 2022. The transaction will include ongoing technical support from Parlement and the use of private cloud services provided via the Parlement private cloud and data centre infrastructure. 

West faced major backlash on big tech platforms following his anti-semantic posts most recently. However, that’s not to say that the rapper, who also happens to be the richest black man alive, hasn’t been clouded with controversy otherwise. His anti-semantic views also led JP Morgan telling asking him to take his business elsewhere. According to West, he has put $140 million into JP Morgan so far. 

Parler markets itself as the “leading viewpoint-neutral, free speech platform”. | Source: Parler

Ye feels like the Jewish media blocked him out, as he remarked in Sunday’s episode of the Drink Champs podcast run by Revolt TV. The move to buy Parler is the rapper’s attempt at creating an “uncancelable” environment where conservative people have the right to freely express themselves in a “world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial”.

The platform Kanye is acquiring isn’t free of controversy either. Parler only recently returned to the Google Play Store last month after being banned following the Capitol riots in January 2021 for allegedly allowing people to post content inciting violence in the US capital.

The platform has also been associated with other controversial figures in the past, most notably former US president Donald Trump following his ban from Twitter and other mainstream social media platforms for his role in inciting the violence in the aforementioned Capitol riots.

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