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What is Killer Control Center? FAQs

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Intel has been producing top-notch processors for quite some time now. However, Intel makes something that the general consumer market is less aware of is its WiFi cards. 

Intel’s series of Killer WiFi cards are featured in just about every high-performance machine targeted at either gamers or content creators. In this article, we’re taking a look at the Intel Killer Control Center and figuring out what it really does and should you even keep it installed on your PC in the first place?

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What is Intel’s Killer Control Center?

The Killer Control Center is a program for Intel’s Killer line of WiFi cards that monitors your network and optimises it for whatever it is that you’re doing at the moment. 

What is Killer Control Center? FAQs | Candid.Technology

For example, if you’re watching a video, but a game is running in the background, the Killer Control Center will redirect bandwidth to the video instead of the game, which will result in smoother playback and less buffering. As you can see, the program allows more bandwidth to the currently running application resulting in an overall better experience.

How does the Killer Control Center Work?

The way the program works is by assigning a priority to each packet. The higher the priority, the sooner the data packet exits your machine. Since most internet programs depend on many small transfers instead of a single large one, this can improve latency significantly. 

Will it impact slower connections?

To a certain extent, yes. The speed you get from your ISP or on different internet speed tests only indicates how efficient your network is at transferring small data packets. Since small data packets are exactly what the program focuses on, you will see an improvement in your latency regardless of your internet speed and router make or model. 

What is Killer Control Center? FAQs | Candid.Technology

Of course, this isn’t a substitute for a faster internet connection, but the program makes sure you squeeze every little bit of performance out of your network. The better your connection is, to begin with, the more performance you can have. 

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Can I use the Killer Control Center with any WiFi card?

No, you can’t. The Killer Control Center will only work if you’ve got a WiFi card from the Intel Killer lineup. If you try to install the control center on a device without one, you’ll receive the following error. 

What is Killer Control Center? FAQs | Candid.Technology

Should I uninstall Intel Killer Control Centre?

We would recommend against doing that. Even if you’re not actively managing your network’s settings, the automated settings inside the control center can still help you get more out of your existing connection. Not to mention, the control centre suite also contains the drivers for your Killer WiFi card. 

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