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Top 3 websites and apps to learn English

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One of the world’s most abundantly spoken and written languages, English is the bread and butter of the world. A vast number of successful businesses or job aspects have one thing in common amongst others, which is English. So there is always an emphasis on improving one’s communicative skills in English. If you or someone you know are looking for a way to expand their knowledge, learn new terms and phrases, and improve their vocabulary, this article will help.

In this article, we will cover the top three English-speaking sites and apps that you can download and learn from anywhere. With our top three English learning sites, you can master English and improve your vocabulary in no time.

Here we’ve listed the currently active discount coupon codes for these sites that’ll help you get discounts of up to 70%. Check out the codes listed below as well as those in the table further down in the article, to get the best possible deal for yourself.

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British Council

A British organisation that is responsible for spreading and promoting the English language and knowledge about the United Kingdom. They offer multiple English courses, help you prepare and take exams like IELTS, and find courses to study in the United Kingdom. Currently, they are offering multiple discounts on their English Online courses which you will find in the table given below.

British Council coupons and discount codes

British Council coupon descriptionBritish Council discountGet discount
On the first 4 months10% offGet discount here
Monthly Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans10% offGet discount here
Monthly Gold and Platinum Plans7-day free trialGet discount here
Silver 12-month Plan’s class credits48% offGet discount here
Gold 12-month Plan’s class credits57% offGet discount here
Platinum 12-month Plan’s class credits65% offGet discount here
You can avail British Council discounts here

Learn Laugh Speak

They are a self-guided English learning program that offers a free level assessment test. With ‘Learn Laugh Speak’, you can increase your fluency in reading, writing and speaking. They also analyse the lesson data to suit a learner’s needs and adjust the homework accordingly. They offer levels from A1 to C2.

They keep a seven-day free trial and do not charge until the end of the seven days. Their pricing range includes the following:

Kids Age: 6 to 11 Years$34.99 USD/Month
Adult Students$24.99 USD/Month
Student teams$249.99 USD​/Month
10 students
You can visit 'Learn Laugh Speak' site here

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Memrise has proven memory builder tools to help you retain and learn any language faster in a highly interactive manner. The app graphics and website animations make the overall user experience positive and increase motivation. Memrise is currently offering many coupons and discounts for a limited time period; go over the table below to avail them:

Memrise coupons and discount codes

Memrise coupon descriptionMemrise couponsPromo codesGet discount
1 year of Memrise Pro (Annual Subscription Service, 2nd year will be charged at full price unless cancelled)
Usual Price: US $59.99/UK £49.99
50% offGLOBAL50Get discount here
1 year of Memrise Pro (Annual Subscription Service, 2nd year will be charged at full price unless cancelled)20% offYEAR20Get discount here
15% OFF Lifetime Plan15% offGLOBAL15Get discount here
1 year of Memrise Pro (Annual Subscription Service, 2nd year will be charged at full price unless cancelled)50% offYEAR50Get discount here
You can avail Memrise discounts here

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