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LG TV says WiFi is turned off: Quick Fix

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Smart TVs have come a long way from simply being flat-screen TVs with a modernised OS. They’re not mostly equipped with Android TV or an equivalent from the TV’s manufacturer and have connectivity capabilities including WiFi that allows them to connect to the internet and stream your favourite platforms. 

In this article, we’re talking about LG TV’s WiFi turned-off error, its causes and what you can do to fix the error.

What causes this problem?

This is actually a rather generic error that can happen because of a number of reasons. Some of the most common causes are as follows.

  • The router signal isn’t strong enough.
  • Issues with the TV’s WiFi module.
  • Misconfigured settings. 
  • Hardware issues in the TV.

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How to fix this?

Here are six fixes you can try out. 

Power cycle the TV

More often than not, simply power cycling your TV will fix the issue. Unplug your TV from the wall and press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds. Once done, wait another 30 seconds before plugging your TV in and it should work just fine. 

Restart your router

Power cycling your network equipment is the fix to more issues than you can think. More often than not, connectivity issues can be caused by an underlying bug in your router and can be fixed by rebooting.

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Change location settings

Some LG users have reported that changing the location to anything random and then reverting it back to the default setting has fixed the issue. 

Step 1: Press the Home/Start button on your LG TV remote.

Step 2: Click the Settings icon at the top right follow by All Settings in the bottom right. 

Step 3: Select the General option follow by Location.

Step 4: Change the Broadcast country and LG Services Country settings to another random country. After that, revert to your region.

Now try enabling the WiFi and it should start working just fine. 

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Update the TV firmware

Outdated firmware on your PC can also cause problems with other peripherals that you’re using. Try updating your TV firmware to the latest available version, if there’s an update available that is, to see if that fixes your problem. 

Clean the WiFi board

Dust and debris on the WiFi board inside the TV can also cause malfunctioning in the WiFi module which can in turn cause the error. While this does require opening up your TV’s back panel, it’s a relatively easy task. Just remove the back panel, disconnect the ribbon cable and clean out the module with the soft brush. 

Pay special attention to the contacts on the module and the ribbon cable. Speaking of which, make sure that the ribbon cable is firmly in place and doesn’t have any exposed wiring or sharp bends. 

Contact customer support

If nothing else works, contacting customer support is the best way you can fix your TV. A qualified technician will be able to point out the exact cause of the issue and fix it for you.

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