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What does LMR mean?

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With the increasing use of social media, there’s been a rise in abbreviations, acronyms being used as slangs online. LMR is one such slang that’s frequently used on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, among others.

In this article, we’re going over what LMR means on Snapchat or Instagram and also what it means outside of the virtual social circles.

LMR meaning?

Social media is used a lot these days. Many content creators and users use the social media app to post about their life and content. LMR is slang used to promote the content that people post.

LMR stands for ‘Like My Recent’. It is used by creators to request their audience to like their recent post.

Content creators use LMR or #LMR to ask their fans, friends, or family to like the recently added content to their profile. The more the number of likes, the more is the visibility of the post across the platform. Hence, LMR promotes your content.

Outside the social media world, LMR can also stand for Last Minute Revision or Last Minute Resistance.

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Too much LMR?

Promoting your content is good. Everyone promotes their content and product, be it a small businessman or a big MNC. However, promoting too much can be seen as desperation, which can negatively impact the audience. Thus, you should avoid using LMR in every post.

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Millions of users use the social media platform, and while some may like your content, some may not. Thus, it is not necessary that everyone will like your content or will appreciate your efforts. You can get negative comments, rude responses on your post. However, instead of taking those comments by heart, you should either ignore them or take them as feedback and improve your content.

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