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What is LSData? Is it safe?

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LSData, also known as, is a platform built for the students who appear in the Law School Admission Test and are pursuing their career in Law. It provides all the valuable resources and various tools that the students can use to track their applications or even other applicants.

Let’s dive in to see what LSData offers and is it safe to use?

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Features of LSData

Features of LSData are:

Automated status checker

An automated status checker checks the status of all of your applications and shows you the status of your application. Thus, you don’t have to log in to different websites to check each application’s status.

Using the Applicant search, you can search for the applicants who acquired GPA and LSAT scores between a specific range chosen by you. It searches for all the applicants whose GPA and LSAT score is in the range you specified. You can then see the schools and the results of those who got accepted or rejected or are on the waitlist.

School Graphs

The graphs show you the acceptance results of various schools plotted using the ABA 509 report of last year. The GPA and LSAT scores are mapped on the graph. You can also see the Applicant tables, which show the user who applied to the school.


The platform provides you with three chat rooms where all the applicants can communicate with each other to discuss the application process with each other. The three chatrooms are – General, Advice, and Off-Topic.

Is LSData safe?

The data you provide to LSData is publicly shared, and data deletion is unfavourable. Therefore, everyone can see your data. Furthermore, there is no option available to delete your account. Hence, if you want to delete your account, you will have to mail them requesting your account deletion.

However, if you want to remove your data, you can clear your profile stats and remove all the statuses that you’ve added before. They also do not verify the data that is added. Hence, the data that you see can be accurate or can be false as well.

LSData does not have the direct message feature, which helps in preventing unwanted messages or abuse concerns.

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