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How to make a Doctor in Little Alchemy 2?

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Little Alchemy 2 is a delightful game of exploration and creation, where players combine different elements to produce new ones. Its simple mechanics and endless possibilities offer a captivating experience for players of all ages. One of the many intriguing combinations players can discover is the creation of a doctor.

This article discusses various combinations to create a Doctor, how to create a Doctor, and various elements you can create using the Doctor. You can watch the video below or continue reading the article.

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Various combinations to create a Doctor

There are various combinations that you can use to create a Doctor in Little Alchemy 2 and they are mentioned below:

  • Human + Hospital
  • Human + Stethoscope

Create a Doctor in Little Alchemy 2

To create a Doctor in Little Alchemy 2 we will use Human and Stethoscope.

To create a Doctor in Little Alchemy 2, follow the steps below:

Step 1: We must create a Human and Stethoscope to create a Doctor. To create a Human, you need Clay and Life, and to create a Stethoscope, you need to combine Tool and Sound elements.

Let’s make the first element Human. Combine Earth and Water to create Mud.

Step 2: Now, we will combine Fire and Fire to create Energy.

Step 3: To create Lava, combine Earth and Fire.

Step 4: Now, we will combine Air and Lava to create Stone.

Step 5: To create Clay, we will combine Stone and Mud.

Step 6: Combine Water and Water to create a Puddle.

Step 7: Combine Puddle and Puddle to create a Pond.

Step 8: Now, we will be combining Pond and Pond to create Lake.

Step 9: Combine Lake and Lake to create a Sea.

Step 10: Finally, combine the Sea and Earth to create a Primordial Soup.

Step 11: Combine Primordial Soup and Energy to create Life.

Step 12: To create a Human combine Clay and Life.

Step 13: Now, we will create the second element, the stethoscope, which you will need to create a doctor.

Combine Human and Stone to create Tool. We have already created Stone, so you can directly use it.

Step 14: Combine Air and Air to create Pressure.

Step 15: Combine Air and Pressure to create Wind.

Step 16: Combine Lake and Wind to create Wave.

Step 17: Now, combine Wave and Air to create Sound.

Step 18: Lastly, combine Sound and Tool to create our second element Stethoscope.

Step 19: Finally, combine a Human and a Stethoscope to create a Doctor.

Various elements you can create using a Doctor

There are various elements that you create using a Doctor, and they are mentioned below:

  • Car + Doctor = Ambulance
  • Robot + Doctor = Cyborg
  • House + Doctor = Hospital
  • Wall + Doctor = Hospital
  • Container + Doctor = Hospital
  • Doctor + Doctor = Idea
  • Mold + Doctor = Penicillin
  • Blade + Doctor = Scalpel
  • Sword + Doctor = Scalpel
  • Medusa + Doctor = Statue
  • Doctor + Tool = Stethoscope
  • Doctor + Drum = Stethoscope
  • Doctor + Sound = Stethoscope
  • Doctor + Needle = Syringe

Crafting a doctor in Little Alchemy 2 is enjoyable and fulfilling, showcasing the game’s inventive and imaginative gameplay. Through blending various elements in creative ways, players can reveal a diverse range of creations, each more captivating than the previous one.

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