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Meta rolls out DMA-compliant options across platforms

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To align with the forthcoming Digital Markets Act (DMA) set to be enforced in March 2024, Meta is rolling out a series of user choices to provide greater control over data sharing and digital experiences across its platforms. The upcoming changes will apply to European Union (EU) users, the European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland.

To help users navigate these choices, Meta will be sending out notifications over the next few weeks detailing the options available to them. Among the key decisions that users will be able to make is the unlinking of information between Facebook and Instagram accounts.

For those who have opted to link their Instagram and Facebook accounts, Meta offers the flexibility to either continue the integration through the Accounts Center or manage the two accounts separately, ensuring that information is not shared across platforms.

In the realm of messaging, Facebook Messenger users can decide whether they want to continue using the service with their existing Facebook account or create a standalone Messenger account.

Photo by mundissima /
Photo by mundissima /

The choices extend to Facebook Marketplace; users can opt to unlink their Facebook information from the Marketplace and still browser listings and buy and sell items. To communicate between the seller and buyer on the Marketplace, users can use email instead of Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Gaming enthusiasts will be presented with the option to use their Facebook information for a more personalised gaming experience or play some single-player games without linking their Facebook data.

In the advertising domain, EU, EEA, and Switzerland users will retain the option to experience the Meta-owned social media platforms with ads or subscribe to an ad-free experience. Subscribers who opt to stop seeing ads will also have the assurance that their information will not be utilised for advertising purposes.

Meta formed a cross-functional team composed of senior employees from across Meta’s global network and the apps to comply with the DMA.

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