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Microsoft announces Password Monitor for the new Edge browser

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Earlier this year, Microsoft rolled out the stable version of new Chromium-based Edge browser with a slew of features and now the company has announced a new feature aimed at enhancing user security called Password Monitor, which will inform the user if their passwords are compromised.

Login credentials for various platforms as well as for emails themselves are leaked often on the internet, and the data is readily available for buyers on the dark web. While there are other services like Have I Been Pwned that allows users to check if any of their passwords are compromised, Microsoft’s update will bring the same feature directly available to the user in-browser.

Password Monitor will keep tabs on any login credentials users have saved to the autofill form on the browser and will inform them with a notification if the same username or password combination are found on the dark web.

“We’re announcing Password Monitor in Microsoft Edge to help keep your online accounts safe from hackers. If Microsoft Edge uncovers a match with any of your saved username + passwords, you will receive a notification from within the browser prompting you to take action,” Microsoft explained in the update.

Users can view all of their leaked login credentials via the Password Monitor dashboard in the browser settings and will also find redirect links to the respective sites to change their passwords. Once you’ve changed the password, you can update it in the autofill so that the browser can detect if your password is compromised in the future.

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The Password Monitor feature will be rolled out in the Insider channels in the coming months and can be expected to be available in the stable version of the browser even later.

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