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Microsoft Store will be soon fixed for PC gamers: Xbox Chief

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After repeated complaints from gamers regarding the problems associated with Windows-based games, Xbox chief Phil Spencer has pledged to fix the Microsoft Store and establish it as the best digital storefront for PC gamers, the media reported.

The download and install procedure for Microsoft Store games is often complained about as being buggy, with failed installs, error codes or containing odd restrictions — and all of these issues have led to Microsoft promising to do better at its XO18 event that was held in Mexico on November 10.

“I think we’ve got a ton of work to do on Windows. It is something I’m very committed to, I’ve heard the feedback about our Store,” The Verge quoted Spencer as saying on Sunday.

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“I’m going to take a bigger leadership role on what’s going on with the Windows Store, make it really tailored to the gamers that we know want to see the best from what we have to offer.”

Earlier in June, the tech giant revealed that it was re-working on its XBox app for Windows 10 to provide more functionality controls to the gamers.

“PC gamers demand more functionality like fine controlling party chat audio and being able to update games automatically and Microsoft’s Xbox app on Windows 10 lacks the ability to control game installs and updates, as this is all handled by the Microsoft Store which regularly fails to update games automatically,” the report said.

Microsoft aims to rectify errors prevailing in Windows to compete with the likes of US-based video game developer Valve Corporation’s digital distribution platform “Steam”, which is currently dominating the PC gaming market.

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