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Motorola might be making a budget folding phone, Moto Razr Lite

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Motorola, despite being one of the first companies to debut a folding phone with the Moto Razr in 2019, hasn’t seen much commercial success in the space. However, that might change with the upcoming release of the Moto Razr Lite. The Razr Lite is Motorola’s second foldable phone in 2023 and will be more affordable than the main Razr lineup, sitting under the Razr Plus 2023. 

There isn’t much information available in terms of specs, pricing or even the release date, but we do know that the phone comes with a smaller cover display. The ‘Lite’ name also suggests downgrades in terms of internal specs including the processor, camera and other components to hit an overall lower price. At the moment, it seems like the Moto Razr Lite will come with a dual camera setup, a punch hole cut out for the front camera and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. 

MySmartPrice released exclusive renders of the phone and while they’re based on low-quality, real-life testing images of the prototype, you can clearly see the curved phone frame with antenna lines running across the body, suggesting a metal build. Motorola has also ditched the iconic Razr look with the bottom chin and has gone for a design largely resembling the Galaxy Flip lineup from Samsung. 

The Moto Razr Lite might just be a good mid-range folding phone. | Source: MySmartPrice

The company seems to have two foldables planned for 2023. The main Razr lineup will seemingly be launched under the name Moto Razr Plus 2023. As for the ‘lite’ variant, Motorola has ditched the main Razr name in favour of calling the cheaper device Moto Razr Lite 2023. 

The tiny external screen might be the biggest difference between the two Razrs this year. From the size, it seems like its use might just be limited to showing notification icons, time and incoming call alerts. Compared to other popular folding devices like the Oppo Find N2 or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, you might not see as much utility, meaning potential buyers might have to flip open their phone a lot more than usual. 

As mentioned before, we don’t have any information on the pricing or release window, but the lite tag, smaller display and the more subtle build indicate that Motorola is targeting the sub-$1000 category here. We expect the price to be anywhere between $700 to $800 or even lower when the device debuts later this year. 

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