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Mudae Bot commands explained

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Discord is one of the most popular VoIP programs available at the moment. It started as a communications app for gamers but, since then, has evolved to cater to a much larger audience. Additional features like group video calls and third-party bots in servers can also help greatly. 

Speaking of bots, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of them available to download and use for all different purposes. This article discusses the Mudae bot, how to use it, what it does and a complete list of commands. 

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What is the Mudae bot?

Mudae is a Discord bot that specialises in hosting several multiplayer games, including Gacha character roulette, word games, Pokemon roulette and other command-based events. 

You can invite the Mudae bot to your server here

List of Mudae commands

Here are all the Mudae commands you need to know. 

Waifu Roulette 

These commands are used to roll characters to claim.

$waifu$wa or $wg$wa: Roll a waifu from Animanga.
$wg: Roll a waifu from games.
$husbando$ha or $hg$ha: Roll a husbando from Animanga.
$hg: Roll a husbando from games.
$marry$ma or $mg$ma: Roll a character from Animanga.
$mg: Roll a character from games.

Harem Arrangement and Customisation 

Use these commands to arrange and customise your characters.

$mymarry$mmShows conquest inventory.
$marryexchange or $me$marryexchange <@user> <character> $<number of ka>Exchange the specified character with the specified player. Kakera can be added with the final parameter (optional).
$give$give <@User> <character>Gift the mentioned player a character.
$firstmarry or $fm$firstmarry <Character>Change your favourite waifu/husbando and always display their image when using $mm or $pr.
Use $firstmarry none to reset this effect.
$sortmarry$sm <character to sort at the 1st position> $ <character to sort at the 2nd position> Sort your spouses
$changeimg$changeimg <Character> $ <Image position>Change which image appears first for that character.
$addimg$addimg <name of an existing character> $ <imgur link>Add a custom image for an existing character.
Requires Moderator access.
$note$note <Character> $ <Message>Add a message next to the character in your harem.
$fn$fn <note>Find notes written using the $note command.
$divorce$divorce <Character>Divorce a character and receive their value in kakera.
$profile$prDisplay your personal stats.
$alias$alias <character>Swap the main name for an available alias.
$alias2$alias2 <Character>$<Text>Change the secondary alias to whatever text you want.
$noteimg$noteimg <character> $ <image position(s)> $ <note to add>Add a note on a specific image.


Use these commands to search for your characters or other commands.

$infomarry$infomarry <character>Search for a character.
$infomarrya$infomarrya <Series>Search for a series.
$alist$alist <Character>See available aliases for a character.
$left$leftNumber of characters left for your server. Also displays the total amount of characters.
$top$topDisplays the top 1000 characters.
$topserv$topservServer character ranking by top 15 ranked characters.
$overview$overviewList your player settings.
$bonus$bonusList of your unlocked bonuses.
$fnall$fnall <note to search in all harems of the server>Find notes in all harems of the server.
$addimglist$addimglistShows the server list (or someone’s list with their ID) of custom images.
$noteimglist$noteimglistShows the server list (or someone’s list with their ID) of noted images.
$a2list$a2listShows the server list (or someone’s list with their ID) of alias2.

User Customisation

Use these commands for customising the interface.

$randomimg$randomimgMake the images appearing during your rolls random.
$rollsleft$rollsleftChange where the ‘2 rolls left’ message is displayed.
$setfooter$setfooterDisplay name/series/keys under the image during your rolls (for mobile users).
$imglink$imglinkDisplay image links during your rolls.
$hideinfodisable$hideinfodisableHide the emoji indicating a character is disabled (for $im/$mmi).
$like$like <character>Add a character to your likelist.
$likelist$likelistWhen your list reaches at least 5 characters, you unlock the $daily command to stack a free rolls reset (usable every 20 hours)
$renameclaim$renameclaim <Text that will replace your current claim message>Change your claim message. You must include a place for the character’s name as <charname> and a place for the user’s name as <username>.
$renamedivorce$renamedivorce <Text that will replace your current divorce message>Rename your divorce message. You must include a place for the character’s name as <charname> and a place for the user’s name as <username>.
$renameharem$renameharem <Text>Change the title of your harem.
$renamelikelist$renamelikelist <Text>Change the title of your like list.
$rsl$rsl <Text>Change the title of your soulmate list.
$badge$badgeShows your list of badges.
$claimreact$claimreact add emoji1 emoji2 emoji3Customise the emojis that appear under characters used to claim them.
$kakerareact$kakerareact <colour> <emoji>Customise the kakera rolls emojis.
$personalrare$personalrare <Number between 1 and the current $setrare value for your server>Change the spawn rarity of already claimed characters.
$embedcolor$embedcolor <character name>$<hex ID>Change the embed colour for characters that have at least one key.
$colormm$colormm <Colour>Change the embed colour (sideline) of your $mm.
$colorpr$colorpr <Colour>Change the embed colour (sideline) of your profile.
$colorll$colorll <Colour>Change the embed colour (sideline) of your like list.
$colorsl$colorsl <Colour>Change the embed colour (sideline) of your $sl.

Custom Characters

$addcustom$addcustom name$gender$type of rolls$imgur linkAdd a custom character for your server (1000 max).
$givecustom$givecustom @someone <Unclaimed custom character to gift>Give a custom character to a user.

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$marryup$marryupTime left before your next claim.
$rollsup$rollsupRolls left before the next reset.
$timersup$timersupAll timers for the roulette merged in one message (mu, ru, du, ku, rtu, dku, bku).
$tuarrange$tuarrange <category> <category>Arrange the order of the categories for your $tu command. Categories not specified in the command will be hidden.
$wish$wish <character>Add a character to your wishlist so that you are mentioned when the character is rolled.
$wishseries$wishseriesWish for an entire series. 
$wishlist$wishlistYour list of wished characters.
$firstwish$firstwishDefine a favourite wish.
$wishdm$wishdm <get a DM when the character spawns (y/n)> <disable public ping when the character spawns (y/n)> <private wishlist (y/n)>Choose what should be private about your wished characters.
$disable$disableRemove a series from your rolls.
$disablelist$disablelistYour list of disabled characters.
$antidisable$antidisable <Series>This will enable all the specified characters for your rolls.
$limroul$limroul <$wa limit> <$ha limit> <$wg limit> <$hg limit>Define the number of different characters you can roll in each roulette (by disabling the less popular characters). This only applies to your rolls.
$togglewestern$togglewesternCompletely disable western animanga characters for your rolls.
$toggleirl$toggleirlDisable/enable series with real people for your rolls.
$preset$presetCreate a backup of your current wishlist, disablelist, or antidisablelist accessible on any server.
$selfreset$selfresetList of personal reset commands.
$vote$voteUpvote Mudae on and collect rolls resets. Type $rolls to use them.
$daily$dailyCollect a rolls reset. Type $rolls to use.
$rolls$rollsReset your rolls for the current hour (collect them with $vote and $daily)
$perstogglereact$perstogglereactChange whether reactions should be automatically added under the rolls during high traffic hours (4am to 11pm PST) for your own rolls.
$haremcopy$haremcopy <other server ID>This will copy your harem from another server. Nothing is removed from both servers.
$kakeracopy$kakeracopy <other server ID>This command will give you the amount of kakera you have on another server.


$forcedivorce$forcedivorce <owned character>This will force the divorce of an owned character (without giving kakera to the owner)
$cleanuser$cleanuser <user ID>Divorce all the characters and clean the wishes of someone.
$userdivorce$userdivorce <character>Divorce the whole harem of the owner of a specified character.
$thanos$thanos <user full ID>Randomly divorce half of the harem of someone.
$thanosall$thanosallDivorce half of the harem of everyone in your server.
$bitesthedust$bitesthedustDivorce all the characters of everyone in your server.
$clearnotes$clearnotesClear notes of a user.
$clearwishes$clearwishesClear wishes of a user.
$resetalias$resetaliasReset the set $alias of a user’s characters.
$resetalias2$resetalias2Reset $alias2 of a user’s characters.
$resetimg$resetimgReset $changeimg of a user’s characters.
$fullreset$fullresetList of server-wide full reset commands.
$leftusers$leftusersList of users who left the servers with characters/wishes/kakera.
$restorelist$restorelistList of divorced characters by moderation commands ($bitesthedust, $forcedivorce, $cleanuser)
$restore$restore <User ID> <Character>Restore a character from the restorelist to its previous owner.
$channelrestrict$channelrestrict <Command(s) to restrict to this channel, separated by a space>This will disable those commands for all the channels but this one.
$channeldeny$channeldeny <Command(s) to disable for this channel, separated by a space>This will disable those commands for this channel.
$restrict$restrict <role ID> <command name>After using this command, nobody will be able to use the command but the specified role and admins.
$deny$deny <role ID> <command name>After using this command, everyone with this role ID can’t use the commands specified.
$togglesilent$togglesilentChanges how the bot answers when using a command disabled by $channelrestrict, $channeldeny, $restrict or $deny.
$setpermission$setpermissionUse this command to change specific permissions of some commands.

Server Options

$settings$settingsList of the server settings.
$lang$langChange the bot’s language.
$prefix$prefixChange the prefix that invokes Mudae.
$setrare$setrare <number between 1 and 10>Change the spawn rarity of already claimed characters.
$settimer$settimer <Number of seconds during which you can claim a character or kakera after the spawn>Change the number of seconds during which you can claim a character.
$setrolls$setrollsDecrease (or increase if the server is premium) the number of rolls for the whole server.
$setclaim$setclaim <number between 60 and 600>Change the claimed interval (down to one hour).
$setinterval$setinterval <number between 1 and 60>Change the exact minute of the claim and rolls reset.
$shifthour$shifthour <Number of hours to shift, between 0 and 2>Shift the exact hour of the claim reset.
$haremlimit$haremlimit <value between 15 and 8100>This will change the maximum number of characters the users can have in their harem by preventing them from claiming if they reached (or are already above) this limit.
$togglereact$togglereactChange whether reactions should be automatically added under the rolls during high traffic hours (4am to 11pm PST).
$channelinstance$channelinstanceChange the instance of this channel, creating a second server in your server.
$gamemode$gamemodeChange the game mode of Mudae.
$servlimroul$servlimroul <$wa limit> <$ha limit> <$wg limit> <$hg limit>Define the number of different characters you can roll in each roulette (by disabling the less popular characters) for your whole server.
$togglerolls$togglerollsToggle the display of various character stats during rolls.
$togglehentai$togglehentaiDisable hentai series for the whole server.
$toggledisturbing$toggledisturbingDisable disturbing/horror series for the whole server. 
$serverdisable$serverdisable <character or series name>This will prevent the character or the series from rolling for the whole server (limited to 1000 characters).
$togglerank$togglerankTurn off (or back on) various ranking aspects for your server.
$togglesnipe$togglesnipeChange the possibility to claim on other players’ rolls/wishes.
$togglekakerasnipe$togglekakerasnipePrevent people from reacting on kakera that appeared on the rolls of other users (sniping).
$toggleslash$toggleslashEnable or disable slash commands for your server (enabled by default).

Kakera and Keys

$kakera$kakeraTells you how to earn kakera in your server and your progression through Kakera Badges.
$kakerareward$kakerarewardDetailed rewards for the kakera badges.
$badgevalue$<badge>value = <value between 1000 and 100000>Change the values of badges.
$kakeratower$kakeratowerList of floors for the kakera tower: spend kakera and unlock more perks.
$towervalue$towervalue <value between 5000 and 50000>This will change the base value for the $kakeratower floors.
$infokl$infoklInformation about kakeraloots rewards and commands.
$kakeraloot$kakeralootSpend kakera for a random lootbox.
$lk$lkYour list of kakeraloot rewards.
$kakeraup$kakeraupTime left before you can react again to a kakera.
$dailykakera$dailykakeraEarn a random amount of kakera everyday.
$topservk$topservkKakera server ladder, showing total earned kakera as well as current kakera.
$givekakera$givek @user <number>Give kakera to someone.
$kakeradm$kakeradm <number between 0 and 2>Get a DM or don’t be mentioned for Bronze/Silver/Emerald bonuses.
$mk$mkRoll a claimed character with a kakera reaction.
$togglekakera$togglekakeraEnable/disable the different means of collecting kakera, or turn the system off entirely.
$kakerarefund$kakerarefund <user to refund>This will refund all the kakera this user invested in kakera badges (kakera badge levels will drop to 0)
$kakeraremove$kakeraremove <user> <number of kakera to remove>This will remove a certain number of kakera from the user (and add the same amount to the server kakera scraps, retrievable with the admin command $givescrap). Kakera cannot be a negative value.
$klreset$klresetCompletely erase the kakeraloots of someone without refunding.
$kakerascrap$kakerascrapDisplay the amount of server kakera scraps.
$givescrap$givescrap @someone 1000Give kakera (from kakera scraps) to someone.
$infokeys$infokeysDisplays key information, rewards, and commands.
$bonuskeysup$bonuskeysupShows how many kakera you can earn from keys level 6 before the next reset.
$removekeys$removekeys <character> $ <number of keys to remove>Remove a certain amount of keys for a character.
$sl$slYour list of Soulmates (any characters you’ve earned at least 10 keys on in any server). This is a global list.
$soulcopy$soulcopy <character from your $sl>This will copy a character from your Soulmate list to your harem on a new server (where you use the command).

Bot Utility

$search$search <keyword>It allows you to learn more about a command, or look for a command you don’t know.
$help$helpDMs an embed with a command list (just like this article).
$join$joinLink to join Mudae on her server Mudae World and get more information.
$invite$inviteLink to invite Mudae to another server.
$patreon$patreonOpens the Mudae Patreon page.
$myid$myidGet the ID of your account and your server.
$date$dateDisplay the current date and time.

Multiplayer Games

$blacktea$blackteaTurn-based word game inspired by bomb party.
$greentea$greenteaFind any word.
$redtea$redteaFind the longest word.
$yellowtea$yellowteaFind the largest number of words.
$mixtea$mixteaA mix of all the aforementioned teas.
$quiz$quizAnswer a few random questions or rebus.
$jankenpon$jankenpon <@user>Rock-paper-scissors.
$pokeduel$pokeduel <@user>Start a pokeduel.

Most of the commands mentioned above can be seen in Discord using $help or $channelhelp. You can also use the $search command to look up a specific command. 

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