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Mylio coupons and discount codes

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If you are a victim of thousands and hundreds of photos scattered in every known device and around your place, some developed, some digital, then you might be in need of some serious organising. But who has the time and patience to sort through numerous photos and get lost in the flood of memories that come with each of them? Mylio Photos can do that for you.

Mylio Photos organises the photos in your computer, phone, tablet, and other storage devices into a neat and efficiently accessible library that can be viewed from any device. You can also set an attached hard drive as a Mylio Protection Vault. Your library in Mylio Photos automatically adds new photos to devices chosen to be Vaults. You can also bring your own cloud storage with an essential addition of encryption that allows only the owner’s devices to view the photos.

Here we’ve listed the currently active discount coupon codes for Mylio that’ll help you get a free photo book and a video course. Check out the codes listed below and those in the table further down in the article to get the best possible deal for yourself.

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Mylio discounts: Free photo book and course

With 2 free bonuses worth $80, Mylio Photos are currently available at $8.33 per month along with a 30-day free trial as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. Mylio Photos is available in six unique formats in your library to help you effortlessly locate your favourite photos and videos based on your memory. Your photos are organised according to different formats including Life Calendar, Maps, People, Albums, and Folders.

Mylio coupon descriptionMylio discountsValid TillGet discount
Get a free photo book (worth $30) and a premium video course on how to scan your photos (worth $50)Photo Book, Photo Scanning Course giftMar 31, 2023Get discount here

Mylio Photos offers a Sync Panel which is a heads-up display of your storage and photos. You can also keep track of your backup status and sync. You can group photos on Mylio by events, keywords, and various categories. You can also free up space with Mylio Photos as they help clear extra duplicate files. You can also add flags, stars, or colour labels to our photos to organise them further, making your search efficient.

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