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Why is Nespresso blinking orange light? Solutions

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It can be confusing when you own a machine that stops working and shows a blinking light that you cannot figure out. When this happens, the best way to find a solution is to search on the internet or go over the machine’s manual. A Nespresso coffee machine has two types of coffee machines: OriginalLine and VertuoLine machine. When you see an orange blinking light, it means that there is a problem with the machine.

In this article, we will discuss the meaning behind Nespresso’s coffee machines showing an orange blinking light and how to fix this issue.

Meaning of Nespresso orange light

A Nespresso coffee machine’s orange light can have individual meanings attached to its blinking rate. If the light is blinking too much or barely blinking, it can have different reasons. In order to clearly understand why this is taking place, you can go through their manual or the table provided in this article. A Nespresso coffee maker requires regular cleaning and descaling to remove any mineral build-up. If these tasks escape your notice, Nespresso is equipped with lights to remind you of them.

By keeping your coffee machine clean and descaled, you protect yourself and your family from tasting bad coffee. When coffee grinds or their residue and oils are left uncleaned, they get accumulated. If you do not clean them on time, it can lead to the development of bacteria and an acrid smell from your coffee. Descaling your machine every 300 brews or three months is recommended by Nespresso. Coffee majorly consists of water and avoiding this can lead to a severe build-up of mineral deposits from hard water.

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Nespresso Orange light: Reasons and fixes

A Nespresso machine also has a green light to indicate optimal functioning. If the light on your Nespresso coffee machine does not turn green even after following the fixes given below, then you might have to get it repaired. The fixes given below are easy to perform. So bring a stopwatch and get ready to time the blinking intensity of the orange light:

Light Intensity (per second)ReasonsFixes
Solid lightOverheated Turn off the machine for a few minutes to let it cool down.
Blinking lightUnable to make coffee due to a blockage1. Remove the water tank and clean the water inlet with a pipe cleaner.
2. Use a thin sharp object to clear coffee grinds from the water spout.
3. Check if the water pressure is too low and use a screwdriver to adjust the pressure.
Blinking two timesClean the coffee machine1. Clean the grid plate of any coffee residue or oils.
2. Rinse out the water filter, drip tray, and capsule container.
Blinking three times Descale machineThe coffee machine will take 20 minutes to descale. There is no pausing or stopping this process after it begins.
Blinks twice then offError inside the machine1. Correctly position the capsule or replace it with a new one. Make sure the lever is locked.
2. Check if everything is placed correctly.
One blink then offEmpty water reservoirRemove the water reservoir, rinse with hot water and refill it with fresh water.
Five blinks in 10 secondsReset to factory settingsRemove the used capsule and leave the lever unlocked. Push the lungo button five times in three seconds to reset the machine back to factory settings.
Blinks once every three secondsDescale machine urgentlyYou need to descale the coffee machine imperatively as the mineral build-up is hampering the normal functioning of the machine.
Pulsing (on and off)Machine is overheating1. Turn off the machine for a few minutes to let it cool.
2. If the machine continues blinking after turning it on, press the lungo button for a few seconds.
FlashingThe water inlet is overfilled; machine blockedRemove the water tank and clean the water inlet with a pipe cleaner.

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